Aniversia App Review pits animals against aliens to save the planet.

In Aniversia by Trinaum, you take control of animals that are rendered in a very cute and cuddly style. Do not be deceived though, for these animals are to be used in an all out battle between alien invaders that threaten the safety of the planet. The animals appear to be a cross between a hedgehog’s rear and a random animal’s head. Examples include a dog, a bull, and a porcupine.

It takes awh...

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Cool to be Clever internet invention

This app is more of a biographical ebook dressed in apps clothing than it is an app. The original story presumably available in print is written by Leanne Jones. Once you open the app the premise seems a bit self serving and clearly the Creators intention may have been lost in this digital montage of the life and mind of Edson C. Hendricks.

If you are a history buff and enjoy story telling in a fi...

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Do you remember the first time you came across a crane/claw game? You might’ve been innocently wondering an arcade, maybe a restaurant, and there it was, positioned quietly off in the corner...

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Egg Punch App Naked Chicken Exposed

Essentially mini golf without a putter but with an egg instead of a ball, Egg Punch gives an entertaining take on the otherwise seemingly boring genre. In this game, a bunch of rabbits steal the feathers of a bathing bird, and our poor bird now left in the nude has to set off on a quest to recover his feathers. Think Foghorn Leghorn from the old Looney Tunes cartoons of the past.

While not quite h...

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oooloo inspired us to inspire you

Lazy Productions is a fittingly apt name for the developers of Oooloo. If you have bad personal organization skills or need something to record your memos but want to save yourself the hassle of going through dozens of notes and free yourself from clutter, this is definitely the app for you.

Essentially an upgraded version of the built-in “Notes” application, Oooloo not only allows you to jot down...

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Fish Tales

This one goes out to the animal lovers who have always wanted to keep a pet, but either had no time and/or no space to keep one. Fish Tales allows you own your own brood of aquatic fishes but unlike conventional virtual aquariums, this one adds in a dash of fantasy into it as well.

Not your typical fish farm, Fish Tales allows you to keep an assortment of virtual fish that would otherwise look qui...

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GeoPlay Golf

If you are a golf enthusiast and the proud owner of an iPhone then you have to play GeoPlay Golf! Developed by 10 and 2 Studios, Geoplay Golf is the first iPhone app game to take advantage of two of the iPhone’s most powerful features: the accelerometer and the GPS. The accelerometer in the iPhone can measure your swing speed and type to judge how well you hit your ball and with how much power...

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OrganicDoc HD

5 Stars for this app from Wenjoy Technologies even if it is a just a utility app. It is a very powerful and useful tool for anyone needing great file management and cloud storage facilities. Simply awesome!

OrganiDoc HD is a file management app developed by Wenjoy technologies Inc. The application aims to facilitate viewing, storage and retrieval of various files using a single interface...

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Inspire Pro – Paint, Draw & Sketch – KiwiPixel For the budding artists out there, while Inspire Pro for the iPad may not make you the next Van Gogh it sure will help you deliver brilliant works of art. Taking Photoshop to a whole new level, Inspire Pro’s iPad version gives users a blank stencil to showcase their creativity and well, draw whatever may inspire them at that point in time...

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