Aniversia App Review pits animals against aliens to save the planet.

In Aniversia by Trinaum, you take control of animals that are rendered in a very cute and cuddly style. Do not be deceived though, for these animals are to be used in an all out battle between alien invaders that threaten the safety of the planet. The animals appear to be a cross between a hedgehog’s rear and a random animal’s head. Examples include a dog, a bull, and a porcupine.

It takes awhile to understand what this app is all about. With an extremely vague tutorial that only explains the controls, it was quite a struggle to comprehend the app. No explanation was given on the objective(s) of the stages and everything was rather confusing.

In the game, your objective is to take out the enemies scattered across the level map. You may use the surrounding objects to your advantage, such as smashing through debris or mounting cannons to assault your rivals. Items scattered around respond well to impact with a great physics mechanism. You can smash, crush, or simply push the crates, tires and other things aside. In each level, you are given control of two animals that you can toggle between with the touch of a button. Use them to your advantage and take the opposition out.

The game controls are simple but yet difficult to master. A tiny touchpad allows for movement, while a button above it allows you to toggle between characters. Two buttons on the right side allow for attacks and blocks. However, it is hardly responsive as attacks to awhile before they responded to taps and the movement button was too small to slide around with.

With the cutesy graphics and novel game play design, Aniversia appeals to children but not older players. Things like graphics can be improved upon as some stages seemed to be more of an eyesore. A better tutorial would be good too. The game shows potential but there is much to improve on.


  • Cute graphics.
  • Unique game-play system.
  • Cool comics style introduction.
  • Physics mechanism for interacting with surroundings.


  • Color scheme.
  • Lack of a good tutorial.
  • Not very responsive controls.

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