Do you remember the first time you came across a crane/claw game? You might’ve been innocently wondering an arcade, maybe a restaurant, and there it was, positioned quietly off in the corner. You probably thought to yourself, here’s a machine equipped with a mechanical claw, packed to the gills with toys, and all I have to do is drop in a couple quarters, move the claw over my favorite toy and pick it up. No problem! As we all learned quickly, claw games aren’t in the business of giving up toys. You could easily pump $5 worth of quarters in there and leave empty handed. Well now it’s time for you to get your revenge on every claw game that you’ve ever played! That’s right! DollGrabber brings a realistic claw game to the iPhone!

DollGrabber is a great game for kids. After all, the object of the game is to grab as many dolls as you can! Just like the real thing, you start the game by putting a coin in the slot, and you use directional arrows to maneuver the claw. Each time you play you have 5 attempts to retrieve as many dolls as you can. If you reach 30 points then you get a bonus game. Each time you play it automatically saves your top scores, and every time you pick up a unique doll it saves in your winnings!

Here’s the complete list of game features:

  • 33 different dolls to grab
  • Winnings area to collect the dolls you catch
  • Automatically keeps track of high scores
  • Art made graphics
  • Realistic look, feel, & sound effects
  • Authentic skill & luck catching combination
  • Add new toys & doll sets directly from your iPhone or iPod! (coming soon)

Both kids and adults will likely enjoy DollGrabber. The game is very basic, but still enough of a challenge to encourage a good competition among family and friends. One thing’s for certain, if you’ve pumped tons of coins into crane/claw games over the years, the nominal fee you’ll pay for the app will seem like a real bargain!


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