Doodle God

Did you ever wonder about the world and the elements that make up the things around us? There used to be only four – fire, air, water, and earth – or at least, that’s what Doodle God says. His universe had rivers and oceans, volcanoes, mountains, plains, and skies. One day, Doodle God was struck with a brilliant idea – what if he combined the basic elements to come up with new ones? What if you could help him with this task?

If that sounds exciting to you, dig up your iPhone or iPod touch and get to work! Developed by JoyBits, the power of creation is entirely in your hands with their new app creation Doodle God. From just the handful of elements you have at the beginning, go on to create over ten different categories of over a hundred different things. Mix fire and water, for example, to get alcohol, then take alcohol and add a little fire to come up with energy. Figure out how to make a swamp that can spawn basic life forms like bacteria and weed, which can be evolved and combined with each other to create increasingly complex elements. Before long, your world will be pulsing with color and life, and of course death won’t be far away either. From plants and rocks, land and sea animals, crude materials, food and resources, and human characters, to supernatural creatures, tools and machines, transportation and housing, and science and technology, immerse yourself in the evolution of the earth as you puzzle out reactions and see if you can complete everything. There’s a page that shows you your creation history if you need reference, and you can tap the hint button every few minutes in case you’re unsure what to do next.

As you’ve probably figured out from the name, the entire application features beautifully hand-drawn graphics, with sounds and animations that are sparsely – yet tastefully – integrated into just the right places. Coupled with intuitive touch and click gameplay, Doodle God opens up a whole new world of discovery that players will surely find refreshing and thought-provoking at the same time. The developers have also hinted at future updates, so look forward to a slew of new elements to work with. Until then, happy playing!


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