Egg Punch App Naked Chicken Exposed

Essentially mini golf without a putter but with an egg instead of a ball, Egg Punch gives an entertaining take on the otherwise seemingly boring genre. In this game, a bunch of rabbits steal the feathers of a bathing bird, and our poor bird now left in the nude has to set off on a quest to recover his feathers. Think Foghorn Leghorn from the old Looney Tunes cartoons of the past.

While not quite having the punch claimed in the game title, Egg Punch does deliver a fairly decent game play experience. Players guide the egg around what appears to be a farm of sorts, navigating it to the rabbits’ hole at the end of the obstacles similar to landing golf balls into the cups found in mini golf. Navigation is done by launching the egg at breakneck speeds, allowing it to bounce off the walls and fences barricading each level.

A burning question would be how the egg can possibly take so much impact at such speeds and not crack?

Creativity wise, Egg Punch is unique in a sense that it is totally different from conventional mini golf games. This is mainly attributed to the fact that players have to aim to collect as many feathers as they possibly can while playing the game. This drastically increases the number of moves required to complete the game. This adds to the level of difficulty as players now have to think strategically on how to reach the rabbit hole as fast as possible. On the bright side, pipes and barn doors are available as warp portals of sorts, so use them to your advantage.

On a final note, Egg Punch is a decent app to download given its status as a free app. With power ups and upgrades available for unlocking, the app is definitely something that will involve much of your time. However, while it does offer a special concept that shatters the norms of mini golf games, the changes are only aesthetic upon closer inspection in a sense that only the setting of the game and an added plot changes things. Still, this is one app that should be given a go.


  • Different from most mini golf games (but see “Cons” too)
  • Upgrades to keep players enticed.
  • Cutesy graphics appeal to players of all ages.


  • Changes are only aesthetic as there is hardly any difference based on game play alone.

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