Fish Tales

This one goes out to the animal lovers who have always wanted to keep a pet, but either had no time and/or no space to keep one. Fish Tales allows you own your own brood of aquatic fishes but unlike conventional virtual aquariums, this one adds in a dash of fantasy into it as well.

Not your typical fish farm, Fish Tales allows you to keep an assortment of virtual fish that would otherwise look quite weird in real life. Just like real fish, they have to be fed and cared for regularly. At the beginning, only one breed of fish is available and players have to work their way up to unlock more fish for rearing. An interesting point to note is that the app comes with an evolution feature. This allows for exquisite looking fish to be created and added to the brood. A rather novel concept, but it bothers on being ridiculous and corny too.

Fish Tales, being a “social game” has players involved in not only his or her personal brood of fish but that of others as well. Kind actions such as cleaning a friend’s area will get players rewarded. Other extra features include a jackpot of sorts, where players can try their luck at obtaining in game prizes.

Graphics wise, Fish Tales does not aim for a totally realistic rendition of live fish especially since much of the featured animals are fictional and do not correspond with anything in real life. Hence, the fish are presented in cutesy 3D animated format similar to how interactive cartoons for kids nowadays look like.

On a conclusive note, Fish Tales is one game that reaches out to very bored people only. It is not a game one would want to devote all his free time on, but rather just a time-waster of sorts. While fun at the start, the game starts to get corny as players progress.


  • Social interaction
  • Many different fish to breed and collect
  • Bonus features (e.g jackpot


  • Corny (Fantasy fish)
  • Game gets awfully repetitive.

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