GeoPlay Golf

If you are a golf enthusiast and the proud owner of an iPhone then you have to play GeoPlay Golf! Developed by 10 and 2 Studios, Geoplay Golf is the first iPhone app game to take advantage of two of the iPhone’s most powerful features: the accelerometer and the GPS. The accelerometer in the iPhone can measure your swing speed and type to judge how well you hit your ball and with how much power. Also the GPS can track where the ball landed and then walk you to the exact location. You can plot a course wherever you can receive a GPS signal and if you’re in a lazy mood and wish to play indoors, just switch off GPS and Swing modes and play it like a traditional iPhone golf game.

Game play:
Geoplay Golf utilizes the iPhone’s built in accelerometer, so gamers must use their iPhone as their club. After dragging the screen in the direction you wish to swing, you will be prompted to point your phone down with the screen facing the hole. When you hear the ding sound, you can pull your phone back like a club and then swing.
Geoplay incorporates the iPhone built-in GPS. Once you turn on the GPS, your phone will create a map of your location then build a golf course out of it. Gamers can setup the location of the hole and tee according to their preference, as well as the size of the course. After you hit the ball, you can actually follow the on-screen GPS map to the golf ball and play it where it lies.
If you’d like to take your gaming experience one step further, you can also swap out the landscape on the screen with one of five built in environment themes. So, weather and professional in-game statistics of actual golfers are updated as you play.
With 15 environments to choose from you can create your custom course using traditional fairways and greens or fantasy courses including Arctic fields, construction sites, farm yards, and even moonscapes.

GeoPlay Golf for the iPhone or iPod Touch has some terrific graphics, some amazing functionality and is flat out Fun with a capital “F”. Any golf player or plain Gamer will enjoy this game for both it’s golf accuracies and unique gameplay and usage of the iPhone’s technology. Having the ability to make use of any location in the world adds a complexity to it so that it never gets old. With some additional social media and multiplayer enhancements GeoPlay Golf will be an instant SlapApp rated 5 fingers.


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