Mi Phone Book

Having some trouble keeping your phone contact list updated and organized? If so you might want to check out Mi Phone Book developed by Mi Phone Book LLC. It’s a management application that allows you to update personal contact information, just like you’d do for any other popular social network; save it and automatically update everyone in your inner circle! Simply log in, update your profile and BAM: Mi Phone Book automatically sends the updated info to everyone else that’s connected to your network. The great thing is Mi Phone Book actually modifies their iPhone contact list so you can rest assured anyone in your network will have the updates.

Personally, i’ve always had one heck of a time backing up contacts and transferring them on to a new phone, but with this app they are all saved on the Mi Phone Book network so loading up your contact list on a new device should be a breeze. (I should be testing how smooth this actually works now that i have the new iPhone 4 – just delivered today!)

The clean and organized interface in Mi Phone Book is very simple to use. Agree to the terms and conditions, then register for a new account. Next you’ll find yourself on the main home page. Here you have My Contacts, Search/Add Contacts, Edit My Profile, Notification, Settings, Close, and a Featured Apps section where advertisers place icons for apps in the App Store. You pretty much have all the usability in Mi Phone Book that you have in the standard iPhone contacts section: view contacts, make calls, send to email address, etc. You can search for a contact based on a telephone number or Mi Phone Book user ID.

The settings page allows you to enter your user name and password, then you can “Remember Login Info” so you don’t have to login every time you fire up the application – definitely worth while if you plan to access the app on a regular basis. There’s also a My Info section; when enabled this gives other users the ability to search for you. Finally, you can sort contact list based on First and Last name.

Now the major catch with Mi Phone Book is that people also need the app to get the full benefits and of course that’s an unlikely scenario. Even so, it has additional features to stand on it’s own. The graphical interface is pleasant to the eye, it’s ease of use and setting controls are well thought out, and usability is decent. Mi Phone Book stay’s synced with your internal iPhone contact list and includes all contacts in the Mi Phone Book network or not so that’s a plus. If you love to network and are into the social scene this is a great app to own; especially for those that seem to have a hard time staying organized. For the everyday person that just wants a simple place to access contacts, this app can do that, but in reality the iPhone’s standard contact list does just as good a job. You’ll want to take advantage of the other features to justify the app purchase.

Application Benefits:

Up-to-date contact information: Mi Phone Book eliminates questioning if a contact’s information is current.

Save time: Mi Phone Book sends IN-Network users your updates automatically when you change your profile so you don’t have to.

Convenience: Mi Phone Book stores all of your contacts – not just Mi Phone Book users.

Sync: Manage your contacts in either your iPhone contact list or Mi Phone Book. They are always synced.

Ease: Update your profile, for example your address because you moved. Mi Phone Book sends your contact information to all In-Network contacts and updates their contact list automatically.

Search: Search for contacts using Mi Phone Book with the Search Tool!

Get Notified: Users will send you a notification to become an IN-Network contact. Simply accept or reject their request. If you accept all their contact information will populate both in your app and iPhone Contact List.

More Fields: Mi Phone Book allows fields that the iPhone contact list doesn’t.


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