OrganicDoc HD

5 Stars for this app from Wenjoy Technologies even if it is a just a utility app. It is a very powerful and useful tool for anyone needing great file management and cloud storage facilities. Simply awesome!

OrganiDoc HD is a file management app developed by Wenjoy technologies Inc. The application aims to facilitate viewing, storage and retrieval of various files using a single interface. This application runs on devices using Apple’s iOS Version 4.2 or later (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad).

OrganiDoc HD can really turn your iPad into a digital hub for documents of all types. The files are neatly categorised under three sections that appear on the upper portion of the screen –

1. Doc – document files,
2. Photo – image files and
3. Media – audio or video files.

Different files can be imported and put under these tabs. The various folders listed contain the files stored by the app. I was able to import the files from iTunes sharing area. Alternatively I could go to these tabs individually and select files from my iPad. The best part about the app is that it supports files of almost all formats (mp3, mov, mp4, doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf, xls, xlsx, html, xml, ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, sag, jpg, png and others) while only using a single interface.

OrganiDoc HD allows the conversion of media files (like wmv or mpg) to mp3 or mp4. This in-app transition of files made it very easy to eliminate the middle layer of applications like VLC player. This was a very useful and neat feature that is just one of many features that makes this app an absolute must have if you are managing many documents.

Another remarkable feature of the app is its role in making the iPad a flash drive. The app has integrated support of cloud storage devices. I was able to create and manage accounts like GoogleDocs, DropBox, Public iDisk and other cloud services. The app also supports iCloud integration to the fullest. I could drop and drag files between the app and the cloud. The iCloud support comes with iOS 5.

Among all the files I was dealing with, I also had the option of keeping some of the files to myself by using the Protected File feature. I could transfer my files to the protected zone that could only be viewed after entering the password I had set. These files were again classified under Document, Photo and Media. The app automatically detects the type and prompted me with the suitable folder.

The iTunes file sharing allows a simple and neat approach to managing docs that I wanted to be shared on the computer. Alternatively I was able to do the same using the wireless (Wi-Fi) option. A wireless icon is provided in the lower left corner of the OrganiDoc HD app screen. Select the document to upload and the app does the rest for you!

OrganiDoc HD also allows easy printing of docs. I could use the TV Out to connect my iPad easily with TV. It can also be connected to projectors for presentations.

In short OrganiDoc HD allows the following major file operations – Open, View, Export to iTunes, Upload to iCloud, Download files, Change filename, Email files, Open files in different apps like eBooks, Protect files, Transfer within the same Wi-Fi network and so on. You can do away with carrying the hard disk or any secondary storage devices. The graphics and interface are pleasant to use and the Wi-Fi connecting your device to iTunes is blended very well. The app I feel is very precise and neat, though slightly overpriced.


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