best composite decking fire retardent

The first is a performance-based method that relies on passing both parts of California Office of the State Fire Marshal standard SFM 12-7A-4 (i.e., Parts A and B). Part A is an under-deck flame Decking complying via this option must also be classified as an ignition resistant material. Parts A and B (the first option) have 

There is a new fire resistant on the market that has a flame retardant additive built in (Class “B” flame retardant). Due to new California “Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Products” code, others are sure to follow. Outstanding fireproof decking with plastic/fly-ash LEED certified composite decking boards 

This type of fire rated decking fills a void in the world of composite decking. Its unique formulation differs when compared to traditional Polypropylene and Polyethylene products. Its superior formula enables it to be stronger with less expanding and contracting, more scratch resistant, and increased ability to handle 

Learn about our best-in-class composite decking; the low maintenance choice. Since 1996, has invented, defined and perfected the composite deck category with a lineup of low-maintenance, high-performance, eco-friendly products that fundamentally change the way Swatch of Transcend decking in Fire Pit 

surface to volume ratios readily combustible and conducive to fire spread. Decks often ignite from radiant energy or wind-blown embers before approaching in moderate fire-hazard areas. Composite decking. Composite decking is a mixture of recycled contents (generally wood and plastic). It's very durable and has a 

"A lot of the new [composite] decking materials look promising, because they don't tend to burn the same way wood does. In many cases they appear . the ways described above. Fire-resistant construction can buy valuable time for rural homes, whether or not the source of the fire is natural or man-made.