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Pre-drilling and countersinking will make fastening easier and ensure the best appearance of your finished project. Because wood decking is not as dense as Veranda, screws driven into wood decking crush the wood fibre and self-countersink. Screws driven into Veranda, however, displace the material, causing it to 

The wood just killed my cordless drill. , , , Massaranduba, and most tropical woods are very dense and very hard. Hard woods require sharp tools, and dense woods will split easily if not properly pre-drilled. All decking should be pre-drilled before installing screws, but this isn't like 

Features in our decking screw range include high corrosion resistance and slash tips to remove the need for pre-drilling which reduces splitting. Our deck screws are available in a choice of head types and colour to help you achieve the perfect finish every time. Available in a variety of lengths and pack sizes for ease on 

New from Buildex a self-drilling decking screw for fastening Timber decking boards to softwood & treated pine joists. No need to pre-drill or countersink - reduces installation time and can be installed at the ends of decking without the timber splitting! Stainless Steel Grade 316 finish to provide ultimate corrosion protection 

Garden decking is one of the most desirable improvements to a home's exterior and at Ridgeons we have all the materials and tools you need to carry out a fantastic finish. With that said, why not visit us in-store? Hardwood decking in particular will create an amazing focal point in any Read More 

All Carpenters Mate packs of wood screws come supplied with the appropriate drive tool to complete the job, but you can also buy additional drive tools A recently introduced all-new pre-drilling and countersinking tool especially for timber decking and woodworking, to ensure the smoothest, cleanest and 

You may not realize it but you've probably already seen on many benches, boardwalks or decks throughout the Lower Mainland and in resorts such as Whistler Blackcomb. Perfectly suited to our climate you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of a real wood deck without the hassles. (pronounced “ee-pay”) does 

When considering different decking materials, there are five main options, all available from specialist supplier Ecochoice: naturally durable timber species, pressure Wood blends well with any surrounding environment and will weather in an attractive way, making it a favourite with both developers and clients. Pressure 

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Because they are so dense, hardwood decks can more difficult to drill and nail. But with time and patience, the high quality results are well worthwhile. Maintenance. Without regular maintenance, hardwood decks can weather and even rot in the harsh Aussie climate. So be sure to apply a timber finish or oil to your deck 

Overview. Balau is a Malaysian hardwood timber. Due to Balau being a natural product, and usually installed in adverse conditions (i.e. direct sunlight), some movement of the timber can be expected but can be A specialist countersinking bit is recommended it is difficult to countersink correctly with an ordinary drill bit.

Fix two screws into every joist at quarter points on the deck board (36mm from each edge). We recommend that pilot holes are drilled prior to inserting the screws. This is particularly important at the ends of the boards to prevent splitting. 5.0 x 60mm Countersunk Stainless Steel Screws will flex slightly as the wood expands 

A hardwood decking should have class 1 otherwise it's not worth the money and its maintenance costs will very soon outpass the initial investment. With installation methods varying, the most popular one is using pre-drilled boards. One of the cheapest hardwood materials, pre-drilled and with basic 

In addition to the Pro Plug Tool for Wood and a Decking/Flooring Kit, installation requires a power drill, a power sander, wood glue and a plastic or wood mallet. (Pro tip: for best results, and to prolong the life of the Pro Plug Tool, use a corded drill). Note: The Pro Plug System for Wood consists of several parts designed to 

Because of the difficulties with drilling, many are sold with special clips or fastenings. These can make the material cost of your structure more expensive. Most new woods are usually a beautiful golden-brown or red-brown colour & decking made of hardwood will usually last at least 20-30 years with the right maintenance.

The FastenMaster range of self-drilling timber screws are precision-engineered for industrial-strength wood fastening. Manufactured So whether you're working on a timber frame building project, carrying out a loft conversion or installing decking, FastenMaster screws will help you save time and get the job done right.