can i use advantech flooring on outside porch

Video Gallery. AdvanTech Flooring's Subfloor Exposure Deck. We installed AdvanTech flooring and 12 competitor subflooring products on an outdoor exposure deck and

Learn whether it's safe for you to install laminate flooring in an enclosed porch Can vinyl flooring be used outside? >> Installing Laminate Flooring in

John North >I just built a new shop and the contractor talked me into Advantech flooring. It's fine for siding under shingles, but I'm very disappointed in the floor.

Porch; Balcony; SHOP BY I can't imagine the amount of planing that would be necessary with OSB before installing flooring. My frammer wanted to use advantech

Installing Hardibacker over I ask that because this floor was built over top an old concrete porch. Also since this is Advantech flooring, if I must use

RE: Tiling over Advantech. Posted I laid porcelain tile over 3/4" Sturd I floor OSB using diamond mesh I did ceramic tile on my back porch with the 1/2

Always use proper safety precaution and reference reliable outside sources before attempting any Has Anyone Used Aeratis Porch Flooring? I

Home / Porch Design / Porch flooring A lot of people may think that pressure treated wood is more suitable for an outdoor deck. However, it can be a great choice

got the Advantech, now what? If I need to travel outside the agreed area, What are the risks of painting the Advantech subfloor with porch and deck paint?

The question . . . should I put down some cement backer board over the Advantech flooring I RE: Tiling over Advantech. I did ceramic tile on my back porch

I have some thats been outside for over 3 years advantech plywood I wouldn't use osb on The AdvanTech flooring should not be used in this type of

Since we build outside it is worth the extra cost to Advantek OSB vs. Plywood The difference between commodity grade T&G OSB and AdvanTech is type of resin

Vinyl flooring on a deck? Well what would provide a smooth floor outside I almost think something like T&G A C plywood painted with porch enamel would be

panel for use under hardwood flooring Maybe Mr Michael Byrne can chime in with his opinion on the use of 7/8 Advantech Advantech 1 1/8 is what I use when we

AdvanTech Worth The Cost. AdvanTech can sit in the rain for months and not The photo shows our home during construction with the AdvanTech sheathing (flooring

Can vinyl flooring be used outside? enclosed porch, or any other “outdoor” space where you can control the heat and cold. While vinyl is 100% waterproof,