cheapest easiest patio floor

It's way cheaper and easier than paving or lawn. You want big chips, 2"- 6", but fine chips will work ok. IAALA - I am a Landscape Architect, and I lived for five years in one house where that's all we had was wood chips in the yard. Weeding was easy, and there was no watering, except for an orange tree I 

Pavers are easy to install and inexpensive to repair — and you can stain them to match the color of your home's exterior. They're a great way to upgrade the appearance of your backyard and keep your grass green. Photo courtesy of SGL Contractors, LLC in Plumsteadville, PA. #2 Furnish frugally.

Adding a patio to your home can increase entertainment space and give you a relaxing place to take pleasure in the open air. Depending on the resources available in your area, it's possible to build

Inexpensive patio idea! I hope so, gonna try something like this in my moms backyard this summer.

Use latex floor paint to color cement tiles on an outdoor patio. Get more info . 21. A tuna fish can, a PVC pipe, a dollar store vase, and a candle crafted together will create elegant walkway or patio lighting. Get the DIY here. Share On .. To Give In 2017. Not too cheap, not too expensive, but juuuust right.