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Split Rail Sadler Fence and Staining. A split rail fence is generally made out of split logs and is offered in a number of styles. 2, 3,

The red brown hue of this 10 ft. x 4 in. x 4 in. Western Red Cedar Jumbo Split Rail Picket adds a touch of rustic style to your picket fence installation.

Painting & Staining Fences & Decks Wood Split Rail Fences. Split Rail Fences are timeless, beautiful and affordable. They add rustic charm to any property,

How to Stain and Refinish Your Wood Fence Pool Spa Outdoor. Cedar Split Rail Fence Refinished with Light Oak Stain 1. Use a pressure washer to remove the outermost

The split rail fence is as much a part of Americana as the buffalo, How to Treat a Weathered Split Rail Fence. The Best Way to Apply Stain on a Fence;

I installed a 3 rail split wood fence at my property entrance a few years ago. The wood was factory pressure treated but the Arizona sun has done a number on the wood

How to Stain a Cedar Fence. Staining a new fence can help preserve its look, and once an older fence has been cleaned, stain can help bring back its natural beauty.

Hello, I would like to build a 3 board split rail fence often seen on horse farms. These fences are usually black or white in color. I am interested

Wooden Split Rail Fence. A split rail fence is generally made out of split logs and is offered in a number of styles. 2, 3, and 4 rail split rail fences are available.

Should you paint or stain a fence? While both methods have their proponents, we argue in favor of staining. Visit us to find out why.

This Old House host Kevin O'Connor shows three ways to stain a fence like a pro. How to Stain a Wood Fence. Tools List for Staining a Wood Fence.

The Homewyse fence staining calculator uses industry standard methods and up to date, professionaly screened cost data to deliver realistic and unbiased estimates.

Best TWP Stain for Fence. Hello. Just completed our first house project w/ pro install of a nice cedar split rail, and fencing wide picket cedar.

It's definitely worth taking care of your wood fences and decks. With a deck o pressure wash first.

Styles & Maintenance for Split & Post Rail Fences. Wood is the most popular choice for split rail fences, however vinyl split rail fencing is Staining or

This is our webpage with Western red cedar split rail fences "American Style Western Red Cedar split rail fencing requires no painting; however a stain or