Pinterest …ed in knowing what all the fuss is about ladies?

Apparently Pinterest is every woman’s dream!

Before we even delve into the review of this app you should know we made it a point to have one of our male associates review it. The thinking being the longer we could keep the women staffers in the dark the better as this platform seems to be so engrossing to the female persuasion all else stops. This would be very detrimental to us as the women in our lives run everything in the first place so we can’t imagine what would happen if they knew Pinterest was in the house. Now the cats out of the bag.

With that said the app delivers just like the platform. It rolls everything up in a nice tight bundle and smells better than the scented potpourri in the halls. This is not just another platform hoping to jump on the social media bandwagon, Pinterest has hit the ground running and is currently the fastest growing social media in history. It appears to be a combination of both Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. In a sense that users are able to view pictures in a scrapbook format neatly categorized according to their preferred niche areas.

Essentially, this means users can pin up their interests for other users to view. Thus the name of the app, Pinterest.

To join Pinterest, users have to obtain an invite from an existing member. Unfortunately at the time of this review, an invite was not granted and so this review will focus on the aspects that are available for all to see.

Think of Pinterest as a message board similar to the many different niche forums scattered across the internet. Replace the threads within with posts similar to that of Instagram, and sort them in a format similar to Tumblr’s scrapbook design. After that, add in Twitter’s timeline method of presentation and you have Pinterest.

Despite being a social network, there really is not much social interaction on this app. Pinterest serves more as a marketing tool, drawing viewers and audiences to products whether intended or not. As a relatively young site compared to the heavyweights in the industry, the success and appeal of Pinterest remains to be seen. In the meantime, why not give it a go and see how you like it for yourself?


  • Very organized layout for presenting images.
  • Simplistic design means no complex buttons or tabs to navigate through
  • Twitter and Facebook integration


  • Invite-only

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