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Diacarta by Squnch, LLC is a cleverly designed, yet simple-to-use productivity application that helps get your life in order. This noteworthy app puts a new spin on how to manage your daily activities. If you are a visual person like I am then you’ll love Diacarta that much more; its main point of focus revolves around placing visual icons around the clock to keep your life in check.

Diacarta is quite different from other daily planners. First off you are presented with two separate pages and clocks for each day (one for A.M. & one for P.M). A simple swipe of the finger toggles between the A.M. & P.M. time frames. This alone is a creative and unique way to juggle your daily tasks. If you wanted to go even further back or forward in time you would simply continue to swipe left or right accordingly, which would take you through the days one by one. Of course you also have a calendar view if you need to get to a specific date.

Users can select from pre-created icons and drop them around the clock by the appropriate time. There are a ton of cool little icons to pick from; icons like a coffee mug, telephone, golf ball, fork and knife, airplane, even an arm pumping iron for those gym sessions you’ve been meaning to schedule. If by chance the app doesn’t have an icon that suites the subject that’s OK because the developers also included a blank/generic icon just for the occasion.

All events you enter have a name and location area along with start time, end time and a details section where you can log notes. Just double tap the icon to bring up the details page, then save.

“Monthly view” brings up the full calendar so you can manage larger timeframes with ease. Any day with scheduling information gets a symbol next to the date so you can easily tell which days have events.

The design scheme and overall layout of Diacarta gets an A+. Its detailed icons, smooth color palette, and button placement all work well, creating a friendly atmosphere that’s fun to use and efficient at the same time. Clean, simple, and effective. It took me like 5 minutes to figure out how to use the app, then it was off to the races as I began to fill up my calendar with event icons.

Now Diacarta is one slick app, but there are still some features that I’d love to see included at some point in the near future. The main user related issue I see is that you cannot set up a repeat for daily or weekly. Also it would be nice if it could sync with your calendar app and tie into sounding alarms – not sure if that’s even possible, but it came to mind. Diacarta has no instruction page but it doesn’t really need one either as it’s pretty intuitive for the most part. Finally, there is a logo button in the lower right hand corner that does not seem to do anything when pressed. (**UPDATE**: The star actually allows you to mark events as completed, click the star button then the icon to mark as completed.)

Overall Diacarta delivers an engaging and unique experience for your daily planning needs. The developers have merged usability with a creative concept and this can be a potent combination. Future updates should make this app one of the best in its class. If you are looking for a new approach at staying organized and want something that’s fast, visually based, and fun, this is one app I’d recommend.


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