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Inspire Pro – Paint, Draw & Sketch – KiwiPixel For the budding artists out there, while Inspire Pro for the iPad may not make you the next Van Gogh it sure will help you deliver brilliant works of art. Taking Photoshop to a whole new level, Inspire Pro’s iPad version gives users a blank stencil to showcase their creativity and well, draw whatever may inspire them at that point in time. No pun intended.

For starters, Inspire Pro provides users with an extremely versatile array of brushes that can be adjusted from fine to broad strokes. With three different brush types and an array of soft to hard settings the strokes produced are infinite giving the artist the maximum flexibility they need to produce accurate intricate renderings.

Another feature worth noting would be the simplicity of the app. No frills and no-nonsense, Inspire Pro gets the job done quickly and does it very well. Icons are arranged neatly along the perimeter of device screens for easy access, without interfering with the creation of the artwork itself. Not only do the icons grant access to commonly sought after features, but Inspire Pro also makes use of gesture controls for certain functions. One example includes drawing a circular pattern around brushed lines. This activates a blend function of sorts that will smudge the ‘paint’ on the canvas, thus blending different colors together beautifully without looking awkward.

As far as details are concerned, Inspire allows artists to tweak the settings as per their whim and fancy. The options are extremely in-depth, allowing for users to adjust the size of the brushes but even the intensity of the colors. The different settings menus allow for advanced users to change even minute details to achieve that final, amazing masterpiece.

As previously mentioned, Inspire brings the genre of image creating tools like Photoshop up a notch. While not quite an image editor like the latter, Inspire allows for brilliant works of art to be created. In fact, with the cutting edge technology incorporated into the app, even novices with no prior artistic experiences can set about to create something that is indeed inspiring.


We think it is safe to say that the Inspire Pro app for IOS is simply amazing. Having been in and around design and graphic arts since early childhood it never ceases to amaze how new technologies keep exploring the limits of ones creativity. We can only imagine what a superior tool such as this would have produced from the likes of Picaso or Van Gogh and though we will never know its irrelevant as a new breed of artist with that calibur will exploit the capabilities of this devise to all of our delights. Personally, we think it would be a good idea to open a wing in the Metropolitan devoted completely to virtual canvasses. What do you think?


  • Portable access means artist can conspire to create anywhere, anytime
  • Significant toolset infrastructure means there are no limitations to the capabilities of the device


  • Cool things like this were not available throughout the ages

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