Privacy for Facebook

The big buzz word circling the Internet these days is privacy. We’ve all become addicted to Facebook, but many of us have no idea how exposed our personal information is to advertisers and snoops. Privacy for Facebook is a handy little app that displays all of the critical account settings that will make your account ultra private, so only you and your friends can see your personal info. It’s quick, it’s easy, and when you’re done your info will be adequately protected from salivating advertisers.

Mobile Distortion designed Privacy for Facebook to be mindless. Essentially, it asks you to login to your Facebook account, and then displays the account settings pages that matter. It provides you with a brief overview of what the settings on each page mean and provides you with a recommendation on what they should be. All you have to do is alter your settings on each page, press next when you’re done, and after completing all of the appropriate settings Privacy for Facebook lets you know you’re done. Some may find that their settings are already perfect, but my guess is the majority of your won’t. Privacy for Facebook isn’t flashy, but for $0.99 you can be 100% that what you and your friends want to see and share on Facebook stays between you and your friends.

Overall I think if you’re a Facebook user and want to make sure that future employers, stalkers, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, and the like aren’t able to find you and view all your personal pics, messages, and info, then Privacy for Facebook is definitely an app worth having. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an app you’ll use every day. You’ll use it once and then store it away for safe keeping (i.e. for the next time Facebook updates their privacy settings). But at a price of $0.99, it’s a small amount to pay for complete privacy.


  • Great guide for helping people keep their Facebook info private from employers, predators, and advertisers
  • Very easy to use; a monkey could do it


  • Displays Facebook normal view (not mobile) so you have to zoom in to view settings and descriptions

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