PVC Deck

Good waterproof, Easy to maintain

PVC Deck Advantages

Applications :
1, PVC plastic floor grassroots added glass fiber layer, make its adhesive through special processing technology, the size of the product stability, suitable for use in the ground of heat bilges cold shrink, even if the ground with large moisture on the floor, also will not deformation, can maintain the original state for a long time.
2. Heat and damp deformation experiment: after heating 6 with boiling water, keep 30 at room temperature. Experimental results: PVC plastic floor has no change, composite floor deformation, stratification. Stability experiment: the floor is placed in an 80 degree oven for 6 days, taken out of the normal temperature, and the longitudinal transverse rate of the test samples is measured (1%).
3. Experimental results: the vertical change rate of PVC plastic floor is 0. 08%, lateral 0. 06%, the strengthening floor is 0. 36 and 0. 28%.

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  • It shows fine wood texture, but it is completely free of wood. It can overcome the fatal weakness of wood floor.
  • High bearing capacity, strong flexibility, anti-skid, waterproof, fireproof, moth-proof, anti-corrosion, strong and durable.
  • Easy to process, easy to install, no need to drill holes in the screw, no cracking and surface uplift.
  • Special "buckle combination" design, improve the installation efficiency, the screw does not appear, the surface profile is beautiful.
  • Weight is 40 to 50 percent lighter than wood and wood plastic, but stronger and more resilient.
  • It's very easy to install, normal PVC flooring glue will be all that needed.

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