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Diacarta by Squnch, LLC is a cleverly designed, yet simple-to-use productivity application that helps get your life in order. This noteworthy app puts a new spin on how to manage your daily activities. If you are a visual person like I am then you’ll love Diacarta that much more; its main point of focus revolves around placing visual icons around the clock to keep your life in check.

Diacarta is...

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Security Organizer

Here’s an app that includes a fabulous visual interface, superb usability, and many refinements not found in other “password protection” applications. Security Organizer, developed by Appicition, protects valuable passwords by using the iPhone’s internal keychain encryption so you can rest assured all your information will stay safe n’ sound.

The app launches with a 4 columned numeric lo...

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Shoe Wars

Shoe Wars is an addictive, goal driven game that is developed by Ideas and Instinct. The game is about racking up your credit card balance as high as you can by buying shoes at a department store.

Shoe Wars is all about one thing and one thing only… put as much on your credit card as possible. The game takes place in what looks like a department store...

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Temple Run

Steal a sacred artifact in TEMPLE RUN by Imangi Studios and get chased to death by a horde of mutant monkeys in return. Fair enough. Though quite an absurd plot idea, it serves its basic purpose in setting the stage for one of the most addictive iOS games ever. This is one game that will keep you on your toes, and constantly challenge your reaction skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

In Templ...

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Tripletown App Review for spryfox by SlapApp

Triple Town is a gripping puzzle game introduced by Spry Fox, LLC. The game is about building a town by placing various objects. Points are given on how large the player can build the town. Triple Town runs on devices using Apple’s iOS Version 4.1 or later (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch).

Build It and They Will Come

The game is played on a board (6×6 grid) where the player has to place various gam...

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Doodle God

Did you ever wonder about the world and the elements that make up the things around us? There used to be only four – fire, air, water, and earth – or at least, that’s what Doodle God says. His universe had rivers and oceans, volcanoes, mountains, plains, and skies...

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Tiki Toss 3D

Developed by Mellow Militia, Tiki Toss 3D is an exciting new app available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. Kick back and relax, watch the surf, enjoy the music. It’s time for some Tiki Toss 3D!

Gameplay is simple and fun! Swipe to swing the ring and hook a ringer on the tiki board! Tiki Toss puts you in an immersive beachside scene complete with tons of details from the perfect surf...

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Doodle Jump

I must’ve been under a rock for the last few months because there’s no reason I should’ve kept myself from Doodle Jump all this time. This app is crazy fun! The premise of the game is really simple, the look and feel gives you the same impression, but hidden within it’s simplicity is an amazingly creative, lovable, challenging, and addictive game...

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Privacy for Facebook

The big buzz word circling the Internet these days is privacy. We’ve all become addicted to Facebook, but many of us have no idea how exposed our personal information is to advertisers and snoops. Privacy for Facebook is a handy little app that displays all of the critical account settings that will make your account ultra private, so only you and your friends can see your personal info...

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