Shoe Wars

Shoe Wars is an addictive, goal driven game that is developed by Ideas and Instinct. The game is about racking up your credit card balance as high as you can by buying shoes at a department store.

Shoe Wars is all about one thing and one thing only… put as much on your credit card as possible. The game takes place in what looks like a department store. The background art depicts escalators, clothing racks, and a woman’s favorite word, “SALE” signs. You play as a female shopper armed with a credit card and bags. The goal is to spend as much on your credit card as possible. You must keep your shopper on what looks like ledges. The higher and longer you go, the more points you accumulate. However, some of these ledges have holes in them and will make you fall through if you jump on them. Along the way there are shoes you need to collect to gain extra points. There is also what’s called credit limit boosters. Those help you climb higher and quicker. One of the more important objectives is to watch out for the bank manager, as he will take away your credit card and you will lose the game and have to start over. The game takes some sort of skill and hand-eye coordination. You move you character from ledge to ledge by tilting your phone left or right. There is no use of the fingers here. The game challenges your ability to strategize the lay out patters and react quickly to keep your character from falling or missing ledges. Once a ledge goes by and is below you, you cannot use it again. When you fall, you fall. Once you get the hang of it, the game provides for endless hours of entertainment. It makes you want to play it.

The main menu has only two options: Play and Help. Obviously play allows you to play the game and help gives you a general overview of how to play the game. It includes directions and objectives. There are no achievements in the game itself. It does however save your high score.

The directions are very straight forward. Tilt the device from side to side to move the shopper from ledge to ledge. Jumping is done automatically so there is no need to worry about that. It does take some time to master it but once you get the hang it’s fairly easy to keep up. The objectives are also laid out for you. Avoid the bank managers, eliminate the bank managers by jumping in top of them, hit the credit limit increase boxes to boost your character further up, and finally collect as many shoes as you can because they will boost your score by a lot.

This is a basic layout of the game. You have different patterns of ledges you need to get on to continue to climb up to increase your score. If you fall it’s game over. Your score is displayed in the top left corner and there is a nice little pause button in top right corner so you can pause to take breaks after getting that really high score and you dot want to screw up. You can also see the credit limit booster. A minor issue with the app is there is a constant advertisement at the bottom of the screen. It gets very distracting and it blocks your view. There could be a free ledge down there that could save you when dealing with a tricky situation but you can’t see it. This problem has screwed me up a few times.

Here you can see one of the shoes you need to collect. They come in orange, purple, and blue. You can also see the bank manager. If you run into him you will fall and lose. Eliminate him by jumping on top of him.

Here you can see the amount of points you get from collecting shoes. On left, a shoe was collecting while being launched from a credit limit booster and on the right a shoe was collected by just bouncing around. I haven’t noticed a patter on which shoes are worth more points or if collecting them while boosting gives more.

Once you fall and the game is over you can either restart and try again or select ok and you will be brought to the Game Over screen. The Game Over screen displays your current run score and your best score. In this game you’ll notice a negative sign before the number. That’s ok the lower the number the better you did, since you are using a credit card and racking up debt.

Shoe Wars is a fun and addicting game. At first, it takes some time getting used to. As soon as you press start, things go right away. The first few times I played I fell instantly because it starts immediately. There is no forewarning or anything. But once I got the hang of it I could navigate more easily. You do need to be able to react quickly to the patter changes. Nothing bums out more than getting your best score yet and then falling because you could react quickly to the ledge. When viewing Shoe Wars in the app store, I noticed 92 people rated it and it got 5 out of 5 stars. I read some of the comments and it seemed people were thrilled. One person wrote that they use it to do competition with friends on who is going to buy food and drinks. I give this game 4 out of 5 stars because it does not appeal to everyone. I don’t see a lot of men playing this. It has all the fun, challenge, and creativity but not a wide target audience. There are some exceptions to this as I am a man and I enjoy playing this game quite a bit.


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