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Triple Town is a gripping puzzle game introduced by Spry Fox, LLC. The game is about building a town by placing various objects. Points are given on how large the player can build the town. Triple Town runs on devices using Apple’s iOS Version 4.1 or later (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch).

Build It and They Will Come

The game is played on a board (6×6 grid) where the player has to place various game pieces. These pieces hold different points and the combination of a game piece with similar or different pieces generate combos or merge into another game piece.

Gameplay offers combinations like combining three grasses to make a flower, three flowers to make a bush, three bushes to make a tree, three graves to make a church, two or more objects and a crystal results in a game piece…and so on. A crystal acts as a wild card erasing mistakes by creating an instant match with two similar game pieces.

The new object or a game piece created generates points and falls in the place where the last piece of the combination was placed and frees up space on the board. Cute little wild bears hinder the progress by blocking sites and dynamically moving from one site to another. They can be trapped and turned into graveyards, a trio of which becomes a church then a cathedral. Further there are pieces like Imperial Bots that can destroy any object including the bears. Ninja Bears are the evil character game pieces that teleport to a random place on each turn and can only be destroyed by a Bot. The more elaborate constructions generate high points by occupying the same space.

The game is very challenging and prevents you from putting down your device. As a player you have to think and act quickly while positioning the pieces. A properly thought out game results in mansions and high ranking scores but if you play poorly you will only create a mess with different game pieces lying around haphazardly. One needs to formulate strategies a few turns in advance to decide how and when to fill the empty sites left behind after the game pieces merge.

Growing Some Grass (The Virtual Kind)

The games storehouse is actually a treasure house and saviour offering required game pieces accumulated during the course of the game. There’s a price fixed for every game piece and you have to buy it with the coins you have. Extra coins can be bought by making a payment at the website. The items offered are: Bonus turns, Crystal, Tree, Grass, Imperial Bot and Bush. Player can make a payment for ‘Unlimited turns’.

Storefront Screens | Featured Items | Buy Coins

The player is given hints at the bottom of the page in case he’s confused about the combinations.
Once the settlement is finished (space on the board is used up), the player can see the awards earned, view the city he created or play a new game.

Lost time is the true mark for an excellent game and Triple Town just does that for you. A highly addictive and challenging game better to be played with your batteries fully charged!


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