alternatives for waterproof wall cladding

We take a look at 5 beautiful alternatives to tiles in the bathroom to show how many options you have when it comes to revamping you favourite wet room. Wall panels come in many sizes and finishes while being completely water proof and therefore suited to your shower zone as a wet wall. In addition 

Reco is a patented, high performance, fast fit & maintenance-free wall panelling system. It's 100% waterproof and the perfect alternative to bathroom tiles.

Nuance laminate panelling is an ideal alternative to tiling. There are no grout lines to scrub at and day to day cleaning is no more than a simple wipe down. Nuance panels come in a choice of sizes that make them flexible in both design and use in any bathroom. They can be used to panel out the wall around the bath and 

Waterproof Panelling - Never Grout Again! Waterproof panelling is a cost-effective and hygienic alternative to traditional tiles. Bathrooms and wet room renovations can be expensive and are notoriously difficult rooms to keep clean but waterproof panelling changes all that. How do you I save money? Waterproof panelling 

For bathroom and shower walls, there is a good variety of cool alternatives available, such as PVC and acrylic panels, that are specifically designed for interior wall cladding in wet zones. “There is a huge range available now,” says Clare, “but it's the junctions between the tricky spots where the design consideration needs 

The Spapanel Wall Lining System is a cost effective and luxury alternative solution to traditional tiles and rendered walls. The Spapanel Wall Lining System if installed and used in accordance with our published guidelines can remove the need for fibre cement backing boards and full height waterproof membranes, 

Ultra panels for walls and ceilings are tough, practical, waterproof and above all visually attractive. Whichever one of the tasteful designs you choose the specially developed with the latest trends in mind. An alternative to tiles, wall panels have the advantage of no grout, less sensitive to condensation and easy to clean.

Simple to install and easy to maintain, shower wall panels are made from PVC material. They are attached to your walls using adhesive and screws. These plastic panels come in a range of different styles and finishes, including tile effect, making them the perfect alternative to conventional tiles.

And of course it is in bathrooms where cladding really excels and its waterproof qualities come to the fore. Kitchen wall and ceiling cladding. If it could be used behind a hob the cladding would be the perfect product for kitchen walls. But this is its only real shortcoming and this can be easily overcome with and alternative 

Alternatives to tiles! Shower Boards and Shower Wall Panels (also know as bathroom wall panelling, bathroom wall boards, bathroom cladding, splash backs and splash panels) can be installed in any room of the house and are ideal for bathrooms, showers rooms, wetrooms, en-suites or even under and around units in a 

Shower wall panels can save the pain of cleaning grout and cost over the long run vs. tile. Learn 5 tricks to make the best selection in these grout free panels. Click here - 

Alternatives to Tiling Your Bathrooms - Waterproof Wallcoverings, Bathroom inspiration from decorative waterproof wallpaper, to wall/shower panels.

A shower wall is basically a tough, hardwearing and waterproof wall covering designed to be fitted inside shower cubicles or areas. Often sold in kit form, they are a waterproof panelling system which is an alternative to more traditional tiles. They come in a wide variety of colours and finishes from marble