attaching wood railing to pvc porch post

RAILING AND DECKING. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GUIDE. CERTAINTEED. Kingston Vinyl Railing and Vinyl Decking Mount Post Support Wood Surface. - 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" blocking. - Wood screws to attach blocking to deck. - 3/8" drill bit. - 1/8" drill bit. - 1/2" wrench or socket. • Panorama . - 1/4" drive socket, 

The front porch before installing railings. If you read what was the first part of this article, Installing a Vinyl Stair Railing you'll remember that when I bought my house, it didn't have any porch or stair rails. Now some I must say, that wasn't easy, as the saw was really biting into the wood and shaking the column all around.

The Most Versatile Rail System Available! HB&G has collaborated with builders and architects to develop the most versatile and natural-looking synthetic rail system available today. Often mistaken for wood, our low maintenance synthetic rail is made from cellular PVC with aluminum inserts for strength. PermaPorch  

The deck and railing installer should determine and implement appropriate installation Step 4 Cutting Porch Post. With the height measurement obtained in Step 3, deduct 3/8". Cut the post to this calculated length. You may cut the porch post vinyl and aluminum at MOUNTING TO WOOD: Install four (4) ea. per bracket.

Although the difficulty of the installation will depend on your level of skill and the deck's material (concrete, wood, composite, PVC, etc.), learning how to install Most railings will arrive with all of the necessary parts included, from the posts and spindles to the brackets and screws. In addition to all of these 

Prefabricated components take the guesswork out of building good-looking railings for decks and porches. Unlike the post sleeves, the rail components are made with a non-wood co-extruded composite, which the manufacturer calls Resalite, and finished with a colored acrylic capstock. The beams are 

Unlike other vinyl railings on the market, (THAT ARE “NOT AS” SAFE) Our Railing Systems have aluminum rail reinforcements that attach to our patented aluminum brackets. The rail is then attached to an approved load-bearing surface such as concrete, our Wisemount (vinyl sleeved), or wood 4x4 (vinyl sleeved).

5. Temporarily hold the corner brace in place where the bottom of the Handrail will be and mark the holes in the corner brace on the Column. Pre-drill pilot holes in the Column for toggle bolts. 6. Set the Handrail in place and attach the corner brace to the bottom of the Rail using rust-resistant wood screws. 7. Apply paintable