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Construction Details - Bench Seat / Knee Wall. Bench Seat Detail. Front View. Knee Wall Detail. Knee Wall Detail. Front View. Side View. 11-15/16. Threshold level. 4-½ approx. 12. 18 approx. 3/8" Wall Panel. 2 x 4 wall stud. 1/4 overhang. 3/8 Seat Riser Panel. 1/2 Sheetrock. Seat 12-5/8" x 3/4". Shim to level base. Bed base.

Standard sprung seating. Our 'Standard Sprung' construction which has been tested to BS EN 15373 for severe contract use comes with a 10 year frame guarantee. View BS EN 15373 certificate. Pocket sprung seating 

A built-in banquette is a great option for adding extra storage and seating. Follow these Not only does it provide storage, it can save space and create more seating. . Simply cut the beadboard to the appropriate height, apply construction adhesive to the back (Image 1), and install it to the face of the bench (Image 2).

solid wood construction for long life. • saddle seat for maximum comfort. Options. • rubber cushion nylon glides. • may be laser-engraved on wood backs. • special wood or color finishes. • trim nails. Also Available In Series chairs. 991A. 991C seating benches page 08 page 09 model 993C model 993C details upholstered 

Corner seat at 45°Corners often make good sites for nooks, but square corners create dead spots that are not useful for seating. If there is Booth with two open ends If your dining area does not have a suitable corner, a built-in bench on one side of a table will work. You also Drawings: Joseph Lanza.

For those designing a basic chair, Wood Magazine has a great article called "Must-have measurements for comfortable seating" that draws on furniture industry guidelines to provide ideal figures. (Well, ideal if you're a 5'10" male.) Image by Wood Magazine. Image by Wood Magazine. To read the details 

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Timber, steel and aluminium park benches. We produce an extensive range of park and urban benches, seats and picnic settings. Our timber, steel and aluminium benches combine robust materials and construction with ergonomic design suitable for most public spaces. All our benches have been designed and 

Available in backed and backless versions, the Ratio. Bench's understated sophistication makes it ideal for corporate campuses, universities, museums, libraries and other high-visibility environments. MATERIAL & CONSTRUCTION DETAILS. INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE. FRAME. SEAT. ARMRESTS.

A look at the design and construction of sandblasted steel and clear-coat walnut benches custom designed for a modern cabin in the woods. The holes you see are the connection point for attaching the wood seat to the metal frame from below (we didn't want any visible connectors in the finished wood 

This three seat bench can stand alone or link together with other k. lounge elements to create custom lounge layouts. k. lounge is a modular lounge collection Details. Additional options available. Call 212 343-4190 to order. View Approved KnollTextiles. Construction and Details. Frame constructed with zero-emission 

Standard banquette dimensions and booth dimensions. Visuals of booth seating individually handcrafted using only premium timber, foam and materials.

Construction Details If you are thinking about putting a banquette in your kitchen, heed Susan's advice: Ideally, you need a minimum of 27 inches of space for each person to sit The depth of the benches should be at least 24 inches, because you will want to leave space for an angled back or upholstered seating.