benefits of recycled plastic lumber

Benefits of Buying Recycled particularly durable plastic and rubber products like plastic lumber and rubberized asphalt,

By choosing EPS Solutions, you are motivated by a desire to save forests and recycle plastic waste. At the same time, you are investing in value added products with

By choosing plastic lumber as an alternative to composite decking, you are motivated by a desire to save forests. At the same time, you are investing in a product with substantial consumer benefits.

You can count on these benefits with Industrial Plastic Lumber: American Plastic Lumber has provided maintenance free recycled plastic lumber products throughout

A mere 7 percent of U.S. plastic waste was recycled Benefits and Savings of Recycling Plastic. Recycling plastic cuts down on the amount of waste

Learn all about how recycled plastic park furniture can benefit not only the environment through reuse of waste products, but also outlast other materials.

Benefits of Recycled Plastic Lumber Renew Resources. There are many benefits to Recycled Plastic Lumber. Apart from it being environmentally friendly, it is safer

Plastic Recycling Facts carpet, containers, bottles, plastic lumber And as a consumer, purchasing post consumer products made with recycled plastic

Recycled Plastic Lumber Option. Recycled plastic can be substituted for wood on any of SiteScapes wood line products. Benefits of Recycled Plastic Include:

The Benefits of Using Plastic Lumber for a Playground it makes perfect sense that many are using plastic lumber. Plastic lumber is made out of recycled

Coupled with the major positive environmental benefits, recycled plastic lumber can be used for any application traditionally solved using timber, concrete or metals

Plastic lumber, a product made from recycled plastic, is ideal for use in landscaping applications. By using plastic lumber, landscapers can create cost effective, high quality, and environmentally. beneficial projects. • 13.1 million tons of plastic suitable for use in plastic lumber were generated in 2000.

ACT Composite Lumber Every project requires selecting the best construction material for the job. All factors must be weighed appropriately including lifecycle

You may think this is real wood. We understand why. The wood grain design we use on our 100% recycled plastic looks like lumber, but it’s not. We re use plastic to

Poly lumber is made from high The benefits of poly (recycled plastic Poly Benefits. Besides keeping plastic bottles from taking up space in landfills

RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER BENEFITS. Manticore plastic lumber is manufactured in the UK for EnviroBuild, using recycled plastic that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. By recycling this material into a long life product, which can again be recycled in the future, is a harmonious solution to sustainable living.