building deck with multiple layers

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Create multiple framing layers in your walls and stagger or align the framing members on the desired stud spacing layout.

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Where a patio may require excavation and then multiple layers of gravel and sand, a deck only needs enough ground to be dug out to sink the concrete support piers below the frost line. More homeowners have basic carpentry skills and the tools to build a deck. The masonry skills for laying a patio that will last for many 

In order to build decks that are capable of withstanding the effects of gravity, extreme temperatures, and water, experienced builders have learned to . To protect the ledger, for example, Rhode Island builder Mike Guertin uses multiple layers of self-adhesive membrane and noncorrosive metal to flash 

Standard framing lumber, ripped to ¾ inches thick on a band saw will work for average curves. You will need two layers to provide a ridged edge. For tighter curves, slice your framing material thinner and build it up. Three layers of ½ inch thick material works well. With multiple layers, apply wood glue between layers and 

To build the multi-level decks. Use the Build> Railing and Deck> Straight Deck Railing tool and click to drag out a deck railing, creating several decks as shown in the image below. Note: Be sure to keep all three decks separate. Once your decks have been placed, use the Select Objects tool to click inside 

9. Two-Level Wooden Deck. A simple wooden deck leads down onto a secondary tile patio area, creating the desired effect of separate areas without the expense of building multiple wooden layers. A simple wooden deck leads down onto a secondary tile patio area, creating the desired 

Deck sealers can be applied to new decks 30 days after construction, according to some experts (others recommend waiting for a longer period). Sealing a new deck is a breeze -- assuming it has not received much use yet -- because it should not be very dirty. Just sweep off any debris (or blow it off with a 

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What are multi-level decks? A multi-level deck is just what it sounds like, a deck with multiple layers set at different heights, usually connected by a stairway or ramped path. These decks can make good use of sloped ground to provide a tiered effect to your decking, creating a unique feature in your garden.

Once you've picked a location for your deck, the next step is to lay out the site. This multi-step process is crucial to get right, as it lays the groundwork for the rest of the deck. Get started by installing a ledger for each level. Then, you'll need to build batterboards, run string lines, check for square, and mark footing locations.

You can look at the deckgl-overlay file, the one that is used to render the header on the main website demo, which shows an usage using a custom TripsLayer and a PolygonLayer . The data is encoded for portability, so it's not particularly readable, but I think your problem is that you are trying to use different layers using the 

If you have an area of your garden that has a series of different layers, then one idea to make this area look good is to install a multi-level deck. These decks can be made to appear like stairs, or you can lay out a series of patio-like areas, one dropping down onto the other. The multi-level deck is a great way of leveling out a