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Futurewood's range of CleverDeck composite decking provides a genuine low maintenance, cost effective alternative to traditional rain forest timber for decking applications. Futurewood's CleverDeck decking timber is available in 2 widths and 5 colours and does not warp, split, cup or rot. As decking specialists, Futurewood 

Another option may be to use “treated” boards for deck joists IF they will meet the strength requirements called for in building codes. Inspectors want to see “grade stamps” on the boards. The rubber strips will still be useful as the wood treatment does not penetrate to the center. Excellent termite 

The soft pine, fir and other white woods that are used to construct most homes today provide little protection again termite and rot. So why don't we build houses entirely out of rot resistant wood? We could, but the cost would be prohibitive. You should start with a rot resistant wood like the options below and 

To help reduce the cost of repairing termite damage, scientists have worked with builders to develop ways to prevent termites from attacking homes. There are several types of wood that are naturally resistant to termite attack. Cedar and in parts of a new home. It is also often used for decks and other outdoor construction.

MOULD & TERMITE RESISTANCE. INEX>DECKING is resistant to mould and termite attack. Note: Refer to the Flooring Applications Technical Manual for further information.

Pressure-treated wood is termite-resistant, not termite-proof. Pressure-treated wood is resistant to termites, but make sure that there's no contact with soil. Pressure-treated wood is used primarily where wood is in close contact with soil such as decking, fence posts, mailbox or light posts, trellises, 

Merbau Decking. Merbau Decking. Extremely durable, well wearing and very cost effective making it one of the more popular decking material choices. Naturally termite resistant. Colour: Red blondes to deep red -browns.

Builders may think they're getting a deal buying the least expensive S-GRN (surfaced green) lumber. Not all siding, decking and trim made from cedar, redwood or other species famous for durability are in fact rot resistant. Only the . 10) Pressure treated lumber is resistant to attack by termites and carpenter ants.

Rotten deck lg. Including: Do termites like redwood? What makes wood susceptible to termites? To be Followed by: Termite Prevention. This article series is a summary of years of construction work observations. Termites are not the only wood-eating pests, but they do the most damage to homes in 

Pest Resistance, All woods are susceptible to termite attack, unless they are treated with an approved timber treatment/preservative. Composites are not susceptible to Depending on the site installation, cost of scaffolding, cost of the inconvenience of restricted access i.e. wet coating on decking etc. Very minimal. Mostly 

Compliance. Ironwood Decking is compliant with, the following Australian Standards: AS1604.1: Specification for Preservative Treatment Part 1. Decking is deemed termite resistant under the: Building Code of Australia (BCA); AS 3660.1: Termite Management - New Building Work 

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