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All wood decks should be stained to protect the wood from ultraviolet sun damage and moisture damage. This will prevent your deck from weather damage including checking and cracking. recommends that you use a high quality water based stain such as Defy. Don't confuse a topical sealer for stain. Sealers 

If there is a build up of old stains on the deck, then the job gets a little tougher, but not impossible. Instead of a sodium percarbonate cleaner you'll need to use a stain stripper. Strippers are more caustic so follow the directions carefully. They work great and will remove most weathered stains in a single application. Lastly 

One of the most important maintenance choices you can make for your deck is whether to apply a finish coat of some sort and if so, what to use. Should you paint it? Should you stain it? Should you just leave it au naturel? Let's go over the pros and cons of each. Preparing Your Deck For Paint or Stain.

Summary: How to choose the right stain, how to prepare the deck, what to use and the correct technique when staining decking. Learn all about how to maintain and protect your timber decking how to prepare and clean decking correctly and what products to use, what equipment you need to successfully clean and stain 

Staining a deck with solid deck stain covers up inconsistencies in the wood. Learn how to stain a deck with solid stain using deck staining tips in this free

Just an add, you tube is getting way too commercial. I've done all three and brush and roller though slower, uses about 1/3 the product. It also penetrates deeper and last much longer. As far as time goes, you can't just grab a sprayer and start spraying. You have to protect everything from the over spray..

Giving your deck a new coat of stain is the best way to preserve the timber and keep it looking fresh. Once the surface has been prepared, it's a simple job to stain the timber with a brush and lambs wool applicator. This video shows you everything you need to know to do the job professionally and efficiently. Continue to 

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Single figure temperatures, damp or wet conditions could adversely affect the application and final finish of the product. Look out for end of season offers. Decking oils and decking stains can be had at a discount towards the end of the summer season, meaning that you can stock up for the next year and 

How to stain a deck with semi-transparent oil based stain. Simple tips and instruction staining a hard wood deck. DIY deck staining. Home improvement and hou

Check out how to stain a deck from the professionals at Sherwin-Williams. Tips on planning, preparing and applying deck stains, plus easy steps on how to clean up.