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Use latex floor paint to color cement tiles on an outdoor patio. Get more info about . A tuna fish can, a PVC pipe, a dollar store vase, and a candle crafted together will create elegant walkway or patio lighting. Get the DIY here. . This insanely simple rope swing will provide hours of fun. Get the directions 

10 Clever Ways to Find Cheap Outdoor Furniture You'll Love Like other potential purchases, you can work more closely toward your goal if you have an open mind and do some creative searching. You can find virtually any type of outdoor furniture -- new, old, basic, collectible—for various prices.

Patio & Walkway Cost Guides. Adding a patio or walkway to your home is a lovely way to make your lawns, gardens and landscaping more usable and welcoming. A patio is . Using stamped concrete is a more affordable way of getting the look of brick or tiles without paying the higher price. Concrete Pavers: These mix of 

Tips on Build Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas: Cheapest Way To Build A Fence For Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas With Gravels And Lawn Also Landscape .. There are a lot of cheap easy landscaping ideas you can try in your yard people think that quality landscaping comes at a high price, but that isn't the case.

Pallet Flooring : Easy to Build at no Cost. Cheap Deck Recycled pallets are a cheap and effective way to build a porch or renovate an existing one that has seen better days! We're on the lookout Building a floating patio deck is a great first carpentry project that you can do over the course of one weekend. A floating patio 

Pavers come in all shapes, sizes and price points. These pre-cast concrete blocks fit tightly together on a level bed of sand to create an inexpensive patio. Local home improvement centers frequently offer plain pavers for as little as $1 per square foot. However, if you've got a good amount of sand available, you can create a 

The experts at shares simple tips and tricks for installing the perfect paver patio. a paver patio? Keep these expert tips in mind to make the job easy and the results fabulous. The initial cost may be higher than other options, but you'll save in the long run by not having to stain or seal it continuously. Plus 

Decide on the pavers to use for your patio. Pavers come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, and prices, so you have decisions to make. When determining which pavers to use, compare how much it will cost you to cover the whole patio area. Some pavers are sold by the square foot and some are sold as individual