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Offering a low-cost plastic recycling pick up service in Metro Vancouver, FVRD, BC and AB Westcoast also offers organics, waste, wood, cardboard and paper removal. Carbon Footprint. Do your part. Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your materials. Your material is turned into new raw materials that can be used for 

900 million trees are cut down annually for paper production. Green 100% Treeless copy paper is made by recycling agricultural waste. Businesses Go Green Treeless Copy Paper Reduces Carbon Footprint. Treeless copy paper is used in offices and households worldwide. Sugar cane husk is one of the most popular 

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Spruce is one of the most important woods for paper uses, as it has long wood fibres which bind together to make strong paper. The fibres are thin walled and collapse to thin bands upon drying. Spruces are commonly used in mechanical pulping as they are easily bleached. Together with northern pines, northern spruces 

We are a full-service recycler for all grades of paper recycling, newspaper recycling, plastic recycling, and so much more!

This superior quality print on demand solution reduces overall waste on short run projects. As well many of the papers we use on a regular basis already carry recycled content and FSC certification. Available at clients' request in Calgary, and now used exclusively in Edmonton, we offer recycled wide format 20 lb white 

Tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels made from 100% recycled, chlorine free EcoLogo-certified Tork paper products. Every year this saves: 737 trees and about 130 cubic meters of waste from going into landfills. 303,333 gallons of water, equaling 30.3 Olympic size pools. 177,666 kilowatts of energy, enough to power 

We are the first eco-friendly brand of paper that only uses recycled materials and does not add to the destruction of endangered forests. Tree free paper journals, notebooks, paper reams, cover stock, stationary, office products and custom printing.

Originally named Blatchford Field in honour of former mayor Kenny Blatchford, pioneering aviators such as Wilfrid R. "Wop" May and Max Ward used Blatchford Field as a major base for distributing mail, food, and medicine to Northern Canada; hence Edmonton's emergence as the "Gateway to the North". World War II saw 

Recycled Paper vs. Tree Free Paper is still significant for the environmental improvement of our world. While new technologies have developed for the production of paper, it is still important to recycle what we have. A grassroots green slogan comes to mind: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. recycle whenever possible Reduce 

TreeZero is making a positive impact on the environment for future generations. It is the only premium 100% tree free, carbon neutral, multipurpose paper made from sugarcane waste fiber available in North America. We enable Fortune 2000 companies, colleges and universities, government agencies and consumers with