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Complete your realistic Recycled Plastic Decking with our Kedeck Decking Fascia Boards. . Like all our recycled plastic decking boards, 150 x 38 boards are impervious to moisture, mould and insects and will maintain their appearance for decades without any maintenance other than cleaning with soap water and brush 

Decking. If you are planning to put decking on your property, why not use our maintenance free recycled plastic decking boards? Recycled plastic is ideal material for decking and balcony floors. A deck or balcony floor made from recycled plastic looks natural, is maintenance-free and is non-slip even when wet. The decking 

Please note: untrimmed boards may vary between 4 m to 4.2 m in length from batch to batch. Before installing: it is highly recommended that you read the Enduroplank™ Installation Guide prior to installation. Plastic Decking Installation: Enduroplank™ is easy to install due to the consistency and uniformity 

The DaIly Mail reported that a survey by Gardening Express found that we renew our patios and decking about 6 times during our adult years, at an average total cost of £9000. We think that's Kedel Recycled Plastic Decking is maintenance-free and will last a lifetime. Recycled Plastic Decking Fascia Boards for Kedeck.

Recycled plastic decking can be worked with standard woodworking tools with the same blades and bits used for wood decking. It can be cut, routed, drilled and screwed just the same as natural wood. You may notice additional blade wear, due to the density of the material. When installing plastic decking board over a 

Composite decking made from wood fibre and recycled plastic to created a durable decking product for gardens, balconies, caravans and homes. We then add a blend of additives, which help the product to resist fade, and a pigment to give each finished board it's distinctive colour. This means that the final product