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Determination of Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) of wood in the neighboring Countries of Iran. Ali Akbar Enayati, Hamid Zare hosseinabadi. Wood and Paper Science and Technology. College of Natural Resources. University of Tehran. P.O. Box 4111, Karaj, Iran. Paper prepared for the joint IRG IUFRO Research 

For example, if the temperature is 75 degrees F and steady, and the relative humidity is 51% and steady, then the moisture content of a piece of wood will reach 9.3% and remain there. By remaining at a set moisture content, the wood is said to be at “equilibrium” with the environment. If a piece of wood is introduced into.

The equilibrium moisture content of Jatropha oilseeds was determined by the static method for different conditions of temperature and relative humidity. A diversity of ..

The maximum equilibrium moisture content describes the active behavior of a hygroscopic material (product or packaging). Hygroscopic materials release water vapor until the surrounding air exhibits a relative humidity corresponding to the equilibrium moisture content of the material. Each material has its own wholly 

The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of a hygroscopic material surrounded at least partially by air is the moisture content at which the material is neither gaining nor losing moisture. The value of the EMC depends on the material and the relative humidity and temperature of the air with which it is in contact. The speed with