dull gray deck boards

is a common question I hear people ask as they wonder to me about a moldy, peeling, grey deck that looked great last year and looks crummy now. And my answer to this question is almost always the same. “Probably nothing, except perhaps choosing the wrong deck stain or following poor application 

Our stunning Storm Grey decking boards are capped with a protective sleeve that keeps out moisture and allows you to simply wipe away any spills. Please note that our EasyClean Tropical decking is made to look like hardwood decking, so your sample board may not give you a full impression of the variegated colours 

Variegated gray streaking resembles look of tropical hardwood; Durable composite deck boards, capped with some of the best polymer technology available; Naturally resists staining, fading and scratching; Simple to install; Easy to clean low-maintenance decking; Sample is approximately 12-in, full size board available in 

The smell of fresh-cut wood, the warm, even color of the new deck boards, that summer afternoon spent admiring the fine details that made yours the There are basically two types of deck cleaners: One type (liquid oxalic acid or powdered hydrogen peroxide) removes a thin layer of gray, dead wood fibers from the surface 

Finishes the edge of your deck, while adding wonderful depth and dimension; Cleans easily with soap and water; Composite material that won't warp, rot, split or splinter; High-performance protective shell resists fading, staining, scratching and mold; Backed by the 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty and the  

You may find you need more frequent decking treatment at the bottom of your decking's spindles, where the wood can become extra dry, black or grey as the water Although tanalised decking is already protected from having been pre-treated, if decking boards are sawn, the newly exposed ends become 

Unfortunately, most wood rot occurs in places that are hard to see—under the decking boards, at the ledger (the board that is attached to the house), on the underside of stair treads, and so on. If possible, crawl If the deck has taken on a dull gray color, the problem may easier to solve than it looks.

Decks built of such rot-resistant woods as redwood or cedar theoretically need no preservative, but beautiful as they are when new, even these woods will turn gray and dirty-looking in time - sometimes after only one or two seasons. Those who have such decks and porches find that they must be regularly 

Gonna wash that gray right out of your deck? First, consider why wood decks turn gray in the first place. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight, with help from moisture and other natural elements, break down the surface of the wood over time, weathering its rich colors into a dull gray. Removing the gray means one of two things: 

This seasonal growth and shrinking cause long cracks to form along the length of the boards, ruining the appearance of the deck and causing a While this does not affect the structural integrity of the deck, the appearance becomes very dull and unsightly, diminishing the value of this home-extension.

Take a look at our range of pebble grey decking boards from Q-Shades. Our colour wash range includes grey decking boards, posts, screws and finish paint.

Our cheap decking boards come in a range of lengths to suit any size garden. From pre-treated timber to hardwood decking boards, you'll find a wide choice of deck boards and a variety of finishes. Ordering your materials in bulk? Add them to a list and we'll give you a discounted quote for the lot. Shop the full range of 

This tutorial hub is your one-stop reference for all you need to know to refinish your wood deck and make it look like new! Is it peeling or a dull grey? Do you have a big It's important to have a good solid surface and replacing a damaged deck board is pretty easy as I show you in the tutorial below.