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Bring a Mediterranean flair to your landscape with Spanish fencing styles. Whether you Stucco is simple to apply and durable for years. For an Brick pillars maybe partially covered with stucco--applied as if some of the stucco material has fallen from the surface--can give the fence an antiquated feel.

Then a synthetic stucco coating or the scratch coat is applied. After the scratch coat is allowed to cure, a finish coat is applied with the desired color and texture. The greatest deterrent is that synthetic stucco is far less durable. Because of the lighter materials, synthetic stucco fences are much weaker and break more easily.

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What is strong and flexible enough? No one builds a fence thinking “bad things” will happen to it. You think “it just has to be strong enough to keep my horses where I want them.” As you see Horserail can do both at the same time contain your horses and absorb those unimaginable events. Strength, Durability and 

Van Merksteijn Fences is market leader in the production of durable fencing panels. All our production processes are executed by own staff, enabling us to ensure consistent high quality. Mistral panel 6/5/6. 3D Panels 5/5 mm. Double wire panel 6/5/6. Double wire panel 8/6/8, mesh 50 x 200 mm. Van Merksteijn Fencing 

the right materials and texture are key for an authentic Spanish landscape, you may want to forgo traditional fencing options and opt for a stucco wall instead. The rough, rustic texture of stucco is a staple of Spanish architecture and decor, so it adds a traditional element to your yard or garden. It is also extremely durable, 

In fact, your HOA may require that fences in the community be of a certain color and material. So get this settled before your It is durable and can last you as long as 50 years or more when cared for properly. To get the best security An old grand two story home is designed in a Spanish style. The yellow and white color 

We are the market leader in Spain for wood-plastic composite materials. It is a highly resistant compound used to manufacture outdoor products for decks, facade cladding and fencing, as well as waterproof interior flooring planks and wall panels. We choose synthetic wood for its durability and low maintenance.

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