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Greater use of wood products will stimulate the expansion of the forests and so reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A 4% increase in Europe's annual wood consumption would sequester an additional 150m tonnes of CO2 every year. Looked at another way, a 10% increase in the percentage of wooden houses in Europe 

Socio-economic contribution of the polyurethane industry to growth and jobs in Europe. AN OVERVIEW. April 2014 An overview of the impact of polyurethane on the European economy 5. An overview per . furniture, car seats, domestic refrigerators, freezers, composite wood panels, truck bodies and footwear.

After enjoying relatively strong growth last year, European production of GRP using 'continuous processes' has stagnated in 2014. Panels are primarily produced for use in vehicles. The most significant applications for GRP pultrusion profiles are in the construction sector. The continuous processing 

The global Wood Plastic Composite market size was valued at USD 4.06 billion in 2015. The expanding application scope in decking and fencing applications is expected to drive demand for the product in the construction industry. Growing demand for wood plastic composite as a low cost and environmentally friendly 

According to the new report published by Grand View research, the global Wood Plastic Composite Market is expected to reach USD 9.77 billion by 2024, in construction industry particularly in decking, fencing, and molding & siding applications is expected to be the key driver for the market growth.

The Rest of Asia wood based panel consumption rate grew by 16.4% per year compared to only 2.0% per year for Japan, 1.6% per year for North and South America, 3.5% per year for Europe and a 1% per year decline in Africa. A more detailed analysis of the growth in wood based panel consumption in the Asia Pacific 

Particle board and medium-density fibreboard make up a fast-growing product group. The latest group on the scene is waferboard and other structural composite panels. Since the recession of 1974-75, the wood-based panel products markets in the United States have recovered dramatically (Table 3). Most domestic wood 

there, while in North America, construction applications are expected to expand at a rate of about 5% a year through 2013. In Europe, growth will average over 6% . The composite. 2 in. × 4 in. (5 cm × 10 cm) studs, pultruded with polyester resin and glass fibre rovings, are used in the assembly of building panels tailored to 

The total installed capacity worldwide for wood based composite panels has risen from 2000 to 2010 by more than 25%, reaching 235 mill. m³/year. The increase in capacity of the most recent years was only in South-East Asia and South America. In Europe new production capacities are only being developed in the East, 

Newest research data show robust growth European wood and natural fiber composite market. 22.06.2015. According to a new study by Germany's nova-Institute, European wood-plastic composites production volume reached 260,000 metric tons in 2012. On top of that another 90,000 metric tons of natural-fiber composites 

ETAGs used as EADs according to Article 66(3) of Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 and related development of European Assessment Documents (EADs) ETAGs used as EADs according to Article 66(3) More Info, ETAG 016 - 1 - Art 66(3) - Self Supporting Composite Lightweight Panels - Part 1: General (November 2003)

Contemporary construction of tall buildings from timber, in whole or in part, suggests a growing interest in the potential for building with wood at a scale not Careful consideration will have to be taken of the embodied energy and embodied carbon of the composite materials used however, so as not to outweigh any 

This is particularly so in places where there is subsidised competition for raw wood from the bio-energy industry. In the future, the emerging bio-based sector will also increase their demand for wood as its feed stock. Resource-efficient use, re-use, and recycling will be necessary to help meet all demand, following the 

association for fibre composite plastics/composites, represents the interests of producers Dr. Elmar Witten. The European GRP market in 2014. Continued growth. The volume of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) manufactured in Europe will grow by over 2% in . Panels are primarily produced for use.

Global wood-based panel market was valued at around USD 16 billion in 2015. This market is projected to grow at an approximate CAGR of 13% from 2016 to 2024. This market is driven by growth in new commercial and residential constructions in developed as well as developing countries.

composite production have been known for a long time, Spain. ࡳ Poland. ࡳ France. ࡳ Italy. ࡳ Sweden. ࡳ Netherlands. Outdoor wood market. TRADITIONAL. TRADITIONAL. NEW. NEW. GROWTH. Demand for new wood products is . The outcome was subsequently analysed and reviewed by Pöyry's expert panel.