faux wood rainscreen panels

Wood siding species for rain screen cladding: rain screen, siding, Garapa Siding, FSC Machiche hardwood, FSC Santa Maria siding, Kebony cladding.

98-Inch W x 38-Inch H x 1-Inch D Rough Sawn Endurathane Faux Wood Siding Panel, Weathered - 300.62 6-Inch W x 6-Inch H River Wood Endurathane Faux Wood Siding Panel Sample, Weathered White - 19.99 Rain Screen with wood cladding- read more about Rain Screen Systems in conjunction with InSoFast.

Nichiha allows architects to achieve the look of metal, stone, wood, concrete, brick and much more. Mixed-use communities that are incorporating Nichiha into their designs are able to get multiple looks from one source. All panels provide an integrated rainscreen and simple clip installation system. With Nichiha using the 

Vinyl siding that looks like wood - climate-shield rain screen wood siding system, ipe siding at window detail1.jpg 768×1024 pixels.

Our non-combustible cladding panels with rainscreens are engineered for commercial, industrial and residential use. Featuring the Acry NC (non-combustible) panel, you can choose between NC25 and NC25 Insulated.This rainscreen system is ideal when no R-value is required, and can be attached to virtually any 

Climate-Shield Rain Screen Wood Siding System. General Woodcraft is proud to introduce the Climate-Shield™ Rain Screen Wood Siding System. Mataverde , , Garapa, FSC Machiche and FSC Santa Maria Hardwood Siding materials work extremely well with this cutting edge rain screen