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Fire retardant Panels. The use of fire retardant panels is appropriate where the specifications of building codes and public safety require compliance with fire safety. Goodfellow also offers the D-Blaze fire retardant treatment on plywood available for all your other wood products, for more information see our section on 

If no cladding is installed on the interior side of an exterior wall of a building, then the interior surfaces of the wall assembly are considered to be the interior finish, for example, unfinished There are also special fire-retardant paints and coatings that can substantially reduce the flame-spread rating of an interior surface.

2x4 wood stud 400 mm (16) o.c.. joints finished. 1 Hour Fire-rated Construction wt. 7. • 15.9 mm (5/8) SHEETROCK FIRECODE Core. ULC Des W301. SA920. A-54. Gypsum Panels or FIBEROCK Panels or UL Des U305. 2x4 wood stud 400 mm (16) (for 610 mm (24) o.c. or U314 use UL Des U314). joints finished.

scribed between combustible materials and heat sources. (cooking range to kitchen cabinets, wood stove to wall lining, etc.). However, Canadian codes do not require fire-rated floors or walls in single-family construction. It is assumed that people within an individual dwelling are generally aware of each other's activities 

LP FlameBlock Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing - Residential Roof Deck, Resistance Wall Assemblies, Structural Insulated Panel Markets Iowa, Minnesota, North & South Dakota (877) 457-7746. •, Matheus Lumber Company Texas (512) 396-9220. •. Taiga Building Products. California, Canada. (800) 663-1470.

Dricon 3/4 inch Fire Retardant Treated Plywood is available in 4 x 8 sheets for interior applications where fire retardant construction materials are specified.

Environmentally friendly, strong and lightweight, SmartCore wood fibre industrial boards are manufactured from 100% post-industrial wood shavings and/or post-consumer wood residues, and are 100% recyclable. They contain no harmful chemicals or VOC's. Available in Natural, Calendered, Clay-Coated finishes, 

Exterior Fire-X is pressure-impregnated fire-retardant lumber and plywood that provides tested fire protection for applications directly exposed to the weather or high humidity, outdoors as well as Balconies and exterior walls constructed of Exterior Fire-X may be considered non-combustible by some building codes.

The study will also facilitate the acceptance of future code provisions for the design of CLT panels with regard to fire resistance. CLT is a relatively new building system in North American construction that is helping to define a new class of products known as massive timber. The wood industry in Canada is 

Exterior plywood (or appearance-grade plywood) is made with water-resistant glue, and its outer veneers are made from water-resistant wood making it ideal for siding or panelling. Particleboard is made of wood particles (approximately sawdust size) bonded with resins and formed into panels under heat and pressure.

develops, manufactures and markets proprietary fire retardant building materials branded as LP FlameBlock Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing and FR Deck Panel. In addition, Barrier has a licensee servicing the European Union and Russia with opportunities available in other international markets. Barrier's products are 

This Update discusses the importance of various factors in achieving the required fire resistance and sound control for load-bearing steel-stud wall . Steel Construction Council, Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute, Canadian Wood Council, Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association of Canada, 

Fire-resistant treated wood is traditionally used for interior applications such as architectural millwork, paneling, roof trusses or beams. By treat