fire retardant treated tongue and groove

Whether you're using plywood or lumber, Dricon Fire Retardant Treated (FRT) wood has an unmatched record of protection against flame spread, smoke development, rot and decay. Dricon , introduced in 1981, is a Class A fire retardant and preservative intended for wood used in interior, weather-protected construction.

treated (FRT) wood products in exterior applications a ten performance of fire retardant treated (FRT) wood products over time are presented. They . Table 2. Commercial FRT wood products. FR. Mean FR. Thick-ness Width. Approximate initial Type of panel. ID kg/m3 mm mm density kg/m3. 0. . Tongue and groove.

“Fire-retardant-treated wood” (FRTW), as defined by the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC), is wood which has been impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals in . Experience shows that both lumber and plywood decking must have a minimum actual thickness of 19 mm and both should be tongue and groove.

Type A (HT) fire-retardant wood as defined in AWPA Standards P50, U1, UCFA. HOW TO SPECIFY D-BLAZE shall be pressure-treated with D-Blaze fire retardant to meet Underwriters. Laboratories FR-S rating or . and joints such as tongue and groove, bevel, scarf and lap are also allowed. • Ripping of lumber along 

Cedar siding adds distinctive character to any home or structure. Cedar siding enhances structural integrity, durability, and when treated by SaferWood, is proven to be fire resistant. These products have passed the most stringent fire retardant tests mandated by building codes. SaferWood siding has passed ASTM's E-84 

Fire retardant treated (FRT) plywood reduces the effects of fire with innovative materials that impede flame spread and smoke development. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Fire-Rated KDAT Douglas Fir Pressure-Treated Plywood . Details. Plywood Type. Plywood Sheathing. Pressure Treated. Yes. Tongue and Groove. No 

SECTION: 06 05 73.33—FIRE-RETARDANT WOOD TREATMENT. REPORT permitted. The structural performance of PYRO-GUARD fire- retardant-treated wood has been evaluated using ASTM. D5516 for plywood and ASTM D5664 for lumber. . milled: End cuts, holes, and joints (such as tongue and groove), bevel 

Overview. Exterior Fire-X is pressure-impregnated fire-retardant lumber and plywood that provides tested fire protection for applications directly exposed to the weather or high humidity, outdoors as well as indoors.

15/32 x 48 x 96 Rtd Sheathing 3-Ply Interior Fire Treated Plywood - For use where noncombustible materials are required in buildings. Details. Plywood Type. Plywood Sheathing. Pressure Treated. Yes. Stainable/Paintable. No. Tongue and Groove. No . What is the cost on fire rated pressure treated plywood.

When fire protection is required for construction timbers it is vital that you have a proven treatment you can trust. Silva Timber Products offers tried, tested and proven DRICON and NON-COM Exterior fire retardant treatments that give you creative freedom in terms of design and application and provide a complete assurance 

Overview. Pyro-Guard is pressure-impregnated, interior fire-retardant treated lumber and plywood for enclosed structural applications. Uses. Pyro-Guard is recommended for enclosed structural applications such as: Plywood roof sheathing; Roof trusses; Rafters; Floor joists; Mezzanines; Shelving; Load-bearing walls; Floor 

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment. From £133.49 VAT. Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment is a water based, clear solution that soaks into wood to leave Read More · Add to Basket · More Info · Add to Compare 

From sheathing to subflooring to fire resistant applications, Cox delivers the products perfect for just about any project. treated for above ground use; Pressure treated for marine applications; pressure treated with DBlaze fire retardant technology; Available in square edge or T&G (tongue and groove); Grades AC, BC, CD, 

Vincent Timber supply all types of Timber Cladding in the UK and are specialists in Fire Retardant Treated cladding. Complies with Euro Class B regulations.

PyroGuard was the first interior fire retardant treatment with plywood roof span ratings and lumber strength adjustments based on high temperature testing. It is often accepted as an alternate for non-combustible 4′ x 8′ 3/4″ CDX PyroGuard. 4′ x 8′ 3/4″ SturdiFloor Tongue & Groove. 4′ x 8′ 1/2″ G1S.

FirePro brand fire retardant treated plywood is pressure impregnated with FirePro Interior Type A High Temperature (HT) fire retardant chemicals. Typically permitted for interior, above ground applications such as: roof systems, . Details. Plywood Type. Plywood Sheathing. Pressure Treated. Yes. Tongue and Groove. No