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As a UK manufacturer for some 35 years, we produce and supply honeycomb panels from a range of material combinations, most commonly aluminium, polypropylene or polycarbonate cores with a range of cell sizes, core densities and thicknesses, each having its own unique benefits, whether extreme lightness, rigidity, 

Welcome to corevista. Corevista is a UK based manufacturer of innovative translucent and transparent lightweight panels using honeycomb cores and other optically exciting materials. Your choices are endless the results, remarkable. Do you need to to create a stunning reception entrance? a striking backlit wall?

The Coretex Group is one of the UK's leading suppliers of bespoke and standard lightweight panels, structural honeycomb cores and supporting process equipment. Our broad panel range includes AluLite, TimberLite, TransLite, UltraLite, HPLLite, GRPLite, CarboLite - and more always under development. Our panels are 

ThermHex is an innovative sandwich panel which has the unique ability to increase strength at a reduced weight, due to its PP Honeycomb core. As a result, ThermHex is rapidly becoming the material of choice for many varied applications here in the UK. ThermHex honeycomb panels can be ordered in standard and 

Our sandwich panels are the lightest in the market, including both thermally, fused and bonded alternatives, offering an excellent strength to weight radio.

Mykon is a privately owned company located in the United Kingdom. Mykon was the brainchild of Dr Mike Ashmead, having originally used aluminium honeycomb as an energy absorber in crash test barriers, Dr Ashmead identified the potential for a range of striking architectural solutions using honeycomb technology.

Our 29kg/m3 'Aerospace Grade' Nomex honeycomb core is an ultra-lightweight structural core material stocked specifically for the most demanding aerospace and competition R/C applications. Available in 2mm and 3mm thicknesses. Various sheet sizes.

Honeycomb structures manufactured by BCP (Bespoke Composite Panels) are utilised in a diverse array of end uses including vacuum tables for printers, flight simulators, trains even luxury grand pianos! BCP prides itself in coming up with solutions to complex requirements. Our team of engineering experts will develop 

CORE MATERIAL. Most of the core in use at TRB is made from honeycomb. We specify aluminium for the majority of our projects, and we process Nomex, plastic honeycomb and other core materials when required. LIGHT AS A FEATHER, STRONG AS STEEL. ALUMINIUM HONEYCOMB. FLEX CORE™ HONEYCOMB.

Dufaylite has independently manufactured the best quality recycled paper honeycomb since 1955, making us one of the the leading sustainable suppliers in Europe.

Panels. GRP faced plywood has been the default panel type in the UK for decades. Despite being fairly durable, it's heavy, it deteriorates and is virtually Construction, Soft, plywood core, faced with glass reinforced plastic, Polypropylene honeycomb core faced with fibreglass reinforced polypropylene sheets, Glass 

Corex Honeycomb, established in 1995 provides high quality aluminium honeycomb core to many industries worldwide, offering a wealth of experience.

Bencore manufactures Composite panels, transparent, honeycomb panels for design and architecture. Is one of the main source of inspiration on innovative materials for the architectural world.

Coretex supply lightweight honeycomb cores, lightweight panels and fabrications, honeycomb core adhesive systems; lightweight structural composites and panels, honeycomb sandwich panels & consultancy.

For more than 30 years, the transportation industry has embraced honeycomb composite made with DuPont™ Nomex for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, which helps to provide vital cost-effective benefits like energy savings and payload increases. Stiff, thin Nomex sheet structures are used to help make strong, yet 

Bespoke Composite Panels - Industrial. BCP workshop 1. Encocam, the parent company of BCP was established in 1988 by Dr Mike Ashmead, as a producer of aluminium honeycomb sandwich panels. Since then it has become a global engineering and manufacturing company spanning across a large range of innovative