how to calculate materials for fencing nigeria

Because of competition, many suppliers of fencing materials only stock Class 1 fencing or a limited number of products in Class 3. . A good rule of thumb for sizing controllers is to determine the number of miles of electrified wire in the fence and add 25 percent to offset any power drain 

Construction of Permanent Fence around an. Agricultural Demonstration Farm Using Locally. Procured Materials. *Kator P. E. and Ogboi E. Abstract. Department of Agricultural. Technology, Delta State Polytechnic,. P.M.B 0005. Ozoro, Delta State,. Nigeria. *Corresponding Author's Email: Tel.

The simplest way to calculate the numbers of blocks you need for your fence project, assuming you are fencing a land measuring 120 feet by 60 ft, a standard plot. This calculation is . It occurred to me, there should be a standard way of calculating the amount of materials required. I am going to make a 

These same requirements apply all through Nigeria and it is advisable to include a lawyer in the buying process. Land price is Price list of building materials in Nigeria In my experience co-managing a block industry, I'd estimate a total of about 7,000 blocks for a 3 bedroom (house soakaway fence) on a plot of land.

Any builder in the house, please I need an estimate of fencing 2 standard plots of land. Re: Cost Of Fencing 2 If you can fence two standard plot of land for 500,000 naira. I dare you break it down He quoted me 467,500.00 to complete the work including materials and workmanship. He promises to finish 

See the time to install a electric fence, along with per unit costs and material requirements. See what trusted professionals include in job-winning estimates for electric fence installation work. The Homewyse electric fence installation calculator uses industry-standard methods and up-to-date, professionaly screened cost data 

For example, Zareba Fence Systems estimates that materials for a temporary, 2-strand, 14-gauge electric fence costs $0.08 a foot or $408 per mile, and a And explains how to install a two-wire electric deer deterrent fence above an existing wooden fence, estimating the moderate-to-hard project will take 

[b]I once posted this, earlier this year; I guess re-posting it will answer your question: For 1 full plot of land. All Professional QS and Construction Management Engineers like myself do it like this to calculate the total number of blocks we will use which will serve as #1 basis for other materials, and 

Some elect to make a fence using cheap aluminium roofing sheets, not only to ensure that the land isn't encroached upon, but to discourage intruders from stealing materials used in building especially at night. Others simply go ahead and make the perimeter fencing with blocks since they will have to do so 

I would be grateful if those in the know can give suggestions or detailed estimate on how much it will cost to erect a masonry concrete block fence / wall around then the lagos the only problem is accommodation for the workers but, if we are considered we wlll provide by our self .since all the materials would be supply by 

I can quote for materials for you now but, can't quote for total cost of the fencing because of incessant change in prices of materials. kindly call me 63390 or email me on for details. Thank you . Re: I Need Estimate For Fencing 50ft X 100ft Or 460sqm Plot Of Land by 

so it depends on ur location plus u cn calculate that from what u paid em for d plastering of ur house. my 2kobo. Re: Material And Cost Of Plastering 100' X 50' Fence by POLICECAP: 1:26pm On Nov 08, 2013. oubi: [size=14pt]I don't even know what nairaland is anymore[/size]. [size=18pt]Bear parlour[/size].

HomeAdvisor's Fencing Cost Guide lists prices associated with building a fence including labor and materials, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers. Also note that if you measure improperly, you may unintentionally schedule a build on a portion of land you don't own. This can lead to legal issues if there is a dispute 

depends on site and types of material You can use this to do your calculation /calculating-numbers-blocks-need-fence is the land swampy? you need 2000 blocks to fence a plot of 50x100 ,Masons won't charge more than #50 per block, that's might be inclusive of /simplest-way-calculate-numbers-blocks. In summary, according to Engineer Segzy14 Total perimeter of fence is: 120ft plus 240ft = 360ft 360ft x 12inches = 4320inches / 18inches = 240 lines of blocks. For 7ft High fence: 240 x 9 coaches = 2160 blocks also add 10% = 216 

Barbed Wire Fencing Average Cost. Two main factors determine barbed wire fence cost: the quality of the barbed wire and how much fencing and other materials are required. Barbed wire fencing is sold by the roll, with a standard roll containing 1,320 feet of wire. Depending on the number of points (barbs) the wire