how to select pier lumber

Mushrooms, bluishness, peeling, graying over the years, your dock will not be immune to damage caused by bad weather. By knowing how to choose the finishing product for our dock, we can avoid many worries. This is why it is important to understan.

Tamko offers a complete selection of composite railing produts. Nothing enhances Composite dock boards offer beautiful wood grain look in an attractive Pier Grey color, no staining or painting is ever required. If you want your deck to be a step above the rest select Klin-Dried (KDAT) pressure treated decking lumber.

(decks, retaining walls, raised-bed gardens, piers for boat docks) and other applica- tions where wetted lumber could only dry very slowly. With the growing use of new lumber treatments and lumber substitutes, a num- ber of questions arise: How long can the newer non-arsenically treated lumber last in severe exposure 

Since 1986, Meredith and Son's Lumber's Gulf Breeze location has been YOUR headquarters for Decks, Docks, Sea Walls, Boat and Jet Ski lifts, the Gulf Coast's Largest Selection of Marine Stainless Steel products, galvanized products, traditional lumber products and general hardware. When no one else has what you 

For pressure-treated decking, our go-to is Spa-N-Deck from Flood. This 100% acrylic finish formula allows you to clean, prep and finish your deck or dock all in one day. The end result is a durable finish that enhances the natural character of the wood. Stop in to any Decks & Docks location to pick up a gallon or two.

Dock Building Materials. Treated Wood is the most preferred material for docks. Choose the right treatment level depending on the kind of water you are building in: Fresh water: A minimum of .60 pcf pressure treated wood; Saltwater: 2.5 pcf pressured treated wood (or higher) is required. American Pole and Timber supplies 

The key is selecting wood that has been grown and harvested using sustainable forestry practices. For other decking Consider a deck supported by a ledger and a double rim joist bolted to piers. In-ground concrete piers and wood framing, not full-depth foundations, typically support exterior decks and porches. Framing 

Other cutting-edge products available at Southern Pine Lumber Company include our Aluminum Seawall Cap, TimberGuard Piling and Lumber, Tropical Decking, Stainless Steel Hardware, Manta Ray Anchors as well as Dock Accessories. We offer timber in lengths to 40'. Smooth or Rough Sawn materials are available in 

Pressure-treated softwood lumber includes Southern Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Douglas fir and Hem-fir. Typical residential Decks; Fences; Walkways; Retaining walls; Landscaping structures; Permanent wood foundations; Docks and piers. Plus, treated Select the Right Preserved Wood for Your Project View Infographic.

Pier Advantage Wood Dock Planking, exclusively designed for waterfront applications, is a natural, environmentally-friendly solution for docks, piers, and boardwalks. Pier Advantage is made from only top quality, high-grade dimensional Southern Yellow Pine. Hand-selected for quality and appearance, Pier Advantage is 

Porous soft woods make poor material choices for dock construction, while hardwoods may require specialized treatment to last in a body of water containing a high salt content. Aerial view of dock. credit: Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images. Choosing the wrong wood can result in a dock that decays 

Docks ▫ Piers ▫ Bulkheads ▫ Pedestrian Walkways ▫ Light Vehicular Bridges. about the use of Southern Pine lumber in marine structures, including piers, docks, bulkheads, pedestrian . Other organizations accredited by ALSC to inspect and grade all or selected Southern. Pine products according to 

We stock Rapid Set cement, mortar, and concrete. These products set in an hour or less and they are so strong that they're used to repair highways and bridges. We also stock concrete blocks for decks and patios. Choose from 8”, 12”, and 18” pier blocks with bracket or without. Or choose from deck blocks, a 12” pier block