lightweight rigid composite boat floor panels costa rica

Back in the 70's when we were building our early multihulls, they were basically hulls, beams and the hardware we scrounged on and above the deck. . Plywood/epoxy boats will cost less than composite boats and take less time to build. . Panels may be flat or slightly curved and up to 12′ wide with unlimited length.

Dura-Core 1000 compression molded composite panel combines high strength fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) laminate skins with a lightweight thermoplastic foam core material. The panel exhibits excellent flame, smoke, and toxicity properties (FST). Engineered for use as a floor material in light transit rail car interiors, 

Internal stiffening systems (grid floor systems, and/or full-length and transverse glass over foam (not wooden) stringers) contribute greatly to the stiffness and rigidity of a boat. If the interior woodwork is just glued or lightly attached to a hull liner pan or to the hull, it's not uncommon to discover it breaking loose after a few 

Using complex processing techniques, a proprietary co-polymer compound of polypropylene can be formed into honeycomb panel stock, resulting in a structure with exceptional specific rigidity (stiffness to weight) and energy absorption, while incorporating the material benefits of visco-elasticity. Composite sandwich panel