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Both of these aromatic oils and chemicals are a deterrent to insects, making them a good choice for fences. These woods are rot-resistant, giving them a longer lifespan than other wood choices. Increase the lifespan of your cedar or cypress fence by selecting wood that is treated with a finish to prevent it from turning gray in 

However, compared to wood, a composite fence will never rot out and is likely to outlive the homeowner, with no special care or maintenance over the years. This is a huge factor in areas with a long rainy season where wood products are prone to rot, or where other climatic features shorten the life span of wood fences.

While the initial investment in precast concrete walls may be higher, than using wooden fencing, the reduction in maintenance costs and the longer life of a Moreover, any contact between wood fences and wood structures, allows the termites to spread from outside wood to interior wood, eating their way through the entire 

Specification to BS 1722 ensures the minimum size of timber components, the quantity of timber, a maximum water content of 28% and wind resistance. The standard life expectancy of timber fences to BS 1722 is 15 years, with an option to specify for 30. Some manufacturers offer guarantees for periods between these limits 

Wood can rot and warp, so any situation where it comes in contact with a lot of moisture and takes a long time to dry out can shorten the lifespan of your deck. A platform deck, which is low to or directly on the ground, is at risk for ground moisture and dampness seeping into the wood. Shady yards can mean 

Komaza is soon to establish the first CCA wood treatment plant in Coastal & Eastern Kenya! This equipment from South Africa will allow us to produce industry-leading long-life timber products resistant to fungal rot and insect attack. Outdoor fence posts, building poles, and electricity poles will boast a 25 year lifespan, and