modular green roof deck system

extensive green roof types. Modular green roof technology is a method for roof covering system that comprises the following operations: the design of modular green roof system to be covered; mounting the waterproofing layer over the rooftop deck; installation of adjustable leveling devices on the waterproofing layer and 

MEP Tray. The Elmich MEP Tray (Modular Extensive Planting) system allows quick realisation of extensive green roofs. It is a lightweight and robust planting tray with water storage compartments made from high-strength UV-stabilised polypropylene. The system includes a support plate with anti-root overflow outlet 

Home Flat Roofing WallBarn Green Roofing Systems Wallbarn M-Tray Modular Sedum Green Roof - 500mm x 500mm x 100mm roofs and living walls are a useful and increasingly easy and cost effective way to provide attractive, useful, environmentally friendly open spaces on otherwise 'lost' flat roofs and podium decks.

Urbanscape Modular Green Roof is a complete system, which consists of Urbanscape Root Membrane and Urbanscape Module with 3 layers.

Simplicity and flexibility in design are the hallmarks of the GreenGrid Modular Green Roof System. The system was designed by engineering, roofing and horticultural experts to produce an efficient, integrated green roof product containing all the separate layers which comprise a traditional green roof system into one 

The GreenGrid modular green roof system features zero-edge design, while retaining modular benefits. The system is delivered fully pre-vegetated.

Are you looking for greenroof materials for your commercial project or perhaps a small do-it-yourself type project?

LiveRoof provides the Natural Function and Natural Beauty of “built in place” living roof systems but without the extensive ongoing costs of maturation. LiveRoof offers the speed of installation of modules but without grid lines or compartmentalization of soil. LiveRoof systems offer the prevegetation of carpet or sod-like green 

Green roof installations provided by ANS are long lasting and high quality. As leading suppliers of green roofs, we know what it takes to make and maintain an excellent green roof.

The flexibility of the mat allows it to adjust to the contour of an uneven deck and its high compressive strength accommodates human traffic. A green roof modular tray system with the highest water storage capacity to reduce irrigation needs and can also be used as a part of rain water management to reduce peak flow.

INSTALLATION. Extensive green roof systems are built up in individual layers from the waterproofed deck or insulation layer (in the case of inverted roof systems). This system of installation is often called the component or roll-out system of installation. Each component of the system is supplied separately.

Wallbarn has provided its modular M-Tray green roof system for the Radisson Blu Heathrow hotel. This project involved the greening of an existing bitumen rooftop overlooked by hotel rooms. Trick access to the roof was overcome due to the portable shape of Wallbarn's specially-designed M-Trays .

Kalzip green roof system - a breath of fresh air. Kalzip's advanced green roof system, Nature Roof, provides measurable environmental benefits and further enhances the already considerable green credentials of the standard Kalzip system. Kalzip Nature Roof is covered with low growing, self-regenerating and drought 

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Built-up and Modular green roof solutions, green roof trays, built-in-place green roofs, vegetative green roof systems, Green Roof Systems. Columbia Green Technologies will provide the appropriate green roof or amenity deck system for your project, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer Layered 

M-TRAY the extensive green roof system in modular tray format from Wallbarn. Developed to make sedum and If there are problems with the deck beneath or inspection is required, one M-TRAY or section can easily be lifted out without disruption to the whole roof. The modular green roof panels are