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Cedar Decking. If you love the natural appearance of wood, then you'll want to consider cedar. The deep red, heartwood portions are rot resistant and able to This is generally the most economical deck lumber choice as treated decking tends to cost less than both cedar and composite decking at most lumberyards.

While pressure-treated lumber may cost less initially, maintenance costs are significantly higher. On average, maintaining a wood deck will cost $450-$850 per year. Composite decking? Just $5-$15 annually. What's more, wood decks are susceptible to mold, decay and insects (not to mention Mother Nature) and have a 

Read our expert side by side comparison of wood and composite decks and find out which is the best choice for you. Compare wood vs Quick Summary: Composite vs Wood Deck Cost Higher-quality woods such as cedar and redwood don't require any type of pre-treatment because they contain natural preservatives.

Which is the best decking material—cedar, pressure-treated or composite lumber? We compare their durability, and cons of cedar decking. If the natural look of wood is tops on your list, use cedar. can get beat up. Finally, the cost of the cedar is moderate, more than pressure-treated but somewhat less than composite.