plastic dimple board waterproofing

FORM-A-DRAIN*. *NOTE: PLATON WORKS WITH. ALL DRAINAGE SYSTEMS. PLATON. Air gap directs moisture evaporating from concrete walls out of your basement and into the drainage system. Platon serves as a waterproof barrier between wet soil and foundation walls. Platon facilitates drainage of excess moisture 

waterproofing protection system based on a uniquely formed air-gap membrane. The main component of DELTA -MS is the plastic (HDPE) membrane, formed in a dimple pattern to create an air-gap at the foundation wall. This unique design allows any water getting past the dimpled plastic sheet to fall freely to the footer 

DELTA -DRAIN is a drainboard with high compressive strength and impact resistance that controls the flow of below-grade water.

VersiDrain 8 Dimpled Plastic. Drain Sheet. VersiDrain 8 is a dimpled plastic sheet with applications for: • Internal drainage of basement walls. • Creating a capillary break and replacing sub-base in ground slab construction. • Waterproofing membrane protection of underground structures. VersiDrain 8 acts as a barrier 

Foundation waterproofing membrane. 6.6 ft. x 65.6 ft. Below grade foundation waterproofing for masonry and poured concrete structures. "DELTA(TM)-MS"

VersiDrain 8 is a dimpled plastic sheet with applications for: Internal drainage of basement walls; Creating a capillary break under concrete ground slabs; Waterproofing membrane protection of underground structures. VersiDrain 8 acts as a barrier and provides protection to the waterproofing membrane from the backfill.

DMX is a manufacturer of World Class Air Gap Membranes that are used in the fields of waterproofing and flooring. DMX's membranes are renowned for DMX AG™, DMX 5M™ and DMX Drain 6000™ are drainage membranes used in the damproofing and waterproofing industries. For more information on these unique 

If you backfill with a well-drained, granular material next to the foundation wall, or a drainage board that provides a capillary break, then dampproofing will do a reasonably Dimpled membranes: These are plastic sheets with the dimples facing into the wall, creating about a ½ inch gap for drainage and a capillary break.

Shouldn't that dimple membrane go down over the footing? I see you have it sitting on the footing.. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. Jason Zak3 years ago. It looks like your attaching the dimple board with a coiled framing nailer. What brand and type of nails are you using to attach to a concrete foundation?

Dimpled sheeting is a waterproofing membrane with a geotextile backing designed to be attached to concrete walls, especially in basement applications. VersiDrain 8 Geo is a dimpled plastic sheet that provides effective drainage and waterproof membrane protection on foundation walls and other underground structures 

Most waterproofing contractors, if they use anything at all to protect their waterproofing / damp-proofing, use visquine. Visquine is sheet plastic commonly used for drop cloths. It tears rather easily as it is nowhere near as durable as the drainage mat. It has also been my experience that as the tar dries the visquine tends to 

SuperSeal Dimpled Foundation Waterproofing Membrane is made from tough, long-lasting plastic. It is for use on all types of foundations and is ICC-ES approved. All rolls are 65' 6" long and range from 3' 6" to 9' 11" in height. Permanent waterproof barrier; Keeps headwater pressure off the face of the wall; No additional 

DMX AG Foundation Wrap creates an air gap between wet soil and your basement wall, allowing the poured concrete and concrete block wall to breathe and provides a clear negative side drainage path to disperse any ground moisture that might find it way behind the PROVA-MAT WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE 5 SQ.

J-Drain 200, Wall Drainage, 4x50. J-Drain #200 Wall Drainage for below grade walls. 4x50 ft roll, 0.4 inch thick. 18 Gallons/Minute/ft2 flow, 11,000 PSF Core. 2-layer drain (filter cover with Plastic Dimple Core). Price/Roll. (shipping leadtime 1-3 business days). $158.00 SALE $120.95 

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is for use on all types of foundations as a Waterproofing / Dampproofing Membrane. In order to receive the 40 year product warranty, SUPERSEAL Foundation Waterproofing must be installed according to SUPERSEAL installation instructions with the proper SUPERSEAL accessories.

SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is the ultimate basement waterproofing product that doesn't allow exterior moisture to enter but allows interior moisture to escape. Choose SUPERSEAL Dimpled SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is made from tough, long lasting plastic that keeps exterior moisture out. It prevents backfill