pvc fence cost per square metre

Price: For a 150mm block of Oamaru stone you could expect to pay around $70; Central Otago schist retails for around $400sq m; and Hinuera stone starts at $89.50 a metre for natural Price: Picket fencing starts at about $180 per metre for an unpainted fence. Jenkin's A-lign fencing costs around $275 per metre. Pricing 

Colorbond fencing installation costs an average of $75/m. Prices may go higher or lower depending on the height and width of the fence.

PVC COATED STEEL MESH FENCING WIRE GALVANISED NAIL SQUARE METAL FENCE POSTS NEW. ORDER BEFORE 3PM NEXT DAY . 4FT 4" X 2" 2.5MM 25M. Mesh 1200cm TALL X 120mm X 50mm X 2.5mm. X 25 metres. 4" X 2" Mesh. 25 Metre Rolls. of other Fencing & Accessories. Electric Fencing & Acces.

Vinyl Horse Fencing and PVC. $7 to $12 installed price per foot; Average life expectancy: 10 to 15 years. Physical Barrier Only. PVC fencing provides the traditional look of wood horse fencing and has the added benefit of little to no maintenance. It is a sturdy fencing alternative that provides a physical boundary only. Horses 

One great choice is 4-foot chain link fencing. Discover the various advantages and disadvantages of chain links as well as chain link fence cost per foot.

Capital Item. Standard Cost 1. Badger gate installed in fence-lines across established run. £110 per gate. Building/restoring drystane or flagstone dykes. £17.50 per square metre. Chipping/mulching of trees debris brash. £500 per hectare. Chemical eradication of rhododendron by foliar or stem injection 

PVC fencing is priced per linear metre and the cost depends on the amount of material needed. A post and rail fence might cost as little as $25 to $30 per linear metre (for a 2 rail fence) while a picket fence starts at around $55 per linear metre because of the number of pickets needed and can cost as much