refinish indoor porch floor

The worn wooden porch and deck on my 100-year old house were in need of refinishing and repainting. Here's how I accomplished this "do it yourself" project.

decayed porch floor top view The simple answer is that, no matter what finish you put on your exposed porch, you will have to periodically reapply a top coat of some kind, even if you use porch paint (enclosed, three-season porches are more protected so the finish will last longer there). There is no magic bullet that will 

Lime green seat cushions and turquoise accessories infuse this screened porch with youthful energy. The mismatched collection of furniture looks cohesive thanks to white paint, which coordinates with the porch's white framing and the house's white trim. A large painting on one wall adds artistic flair to the outdoor living 

See more ideas about Paint concrete, Concrete paint colors and Painting concrete porch. DIY tutorial on how to paint diamonds on your porch floor.another idea would be to paint a floor cloth to look like a checkerboard. (Remember to use concrete acid stained floor perfect for that ugly indoor porch floor the last.

You don't necessarily have to buy expensive outdoor furniture for a cover patio or screened porch. Secondhand wood indoor furniture can be a budget alternative. DIY Network shows you how to refinish wood so it'll stand up to the great outdoors.

If you're looking for more indoor living space around your house, consider closing in an existing open or screened in porch and turning it into a sunporch. If you want to show off in The porch floor was painted with Sherwin-Williams Industrial deck paint (it only comes in two colors and this is the lighter of the two). This is an 

Your porch is the first thing visitors see; its appearance should be warm and inviting, not dull and flaking. Over time, harsh weather conditions and the ultraviolet rays of the sun can take a toll on your porch floor. Using an orbital sander removes old paint quickly and professionally. This job be labor-intensive, but can save 

Step 1 —Is Your Floor Suitable for Paint? We recommend a porch and floor paint for your interior project. Available in oil-based or latex formulas, oil-based floor paint will produce a harder, more durable finish than latex; however, check with your municipality for any oil-based paint restrictions in your region. Latex produces 

Porch floor paint should be easy to apply and last a long time. Selecting the right paint and preparation are key to creating a beautiful porch floor.

Last fall we stripped down our porch flooring. This was actually a relatively inexpensive project that turned out to be much more simple than expected. Refinished old growth fir always provides a “wow!” factor to visitors. When we moved into the house in 2007, we did a quick fix of painting the porch with 

refinishing deck wood. The past Our porch had old and out-of-date paint color, not to mention that over 25% of the paint was either peeling or non-existent. Because If you've sanded your indoor hardwoods before, you may be asking why we didn't go with an orbital sander for better sanding efficiency.

Step 1: Cleaning. Before you refinish your porch you will want to make sure it is clean. You can move any furniture and plants away to a garage or other covered area (in case of rain or other wet weather). If you have a porch that is made of treated wood, you can use a power washer that is low pressure to clean the porch.

Vacuum and wipe down floor thoroughly to remove all dust and dirt 2. Use polyurethane based porch and floor enamel 3. If you want to improve adhesion to the maximum, it's good to paint down a primer first. I have never done this and haven't had problems indoors, but the by-the-book rules recommend it.

Photo by lil_red_53 With just a $100 budget, CafeMom lil_red_53, with help from her mom, recently refinished the tongue and groove pine wood floor on Painted Floor - wonder if I could paint a pattern like this on brick (on the porch) or on concrete (for the designs floor design design ideas decorating interior design.