retaining wall with wood fence on top

When kids or pets need to be held back on the slope, then a fence is needed on top of the retaining wall. Dig the post holes for the fence in the soil behind the retaining wall with a post hole digger. Keep the Tamp the soil down in the bottom of the hole with the end of a wooden board to compact the soil.

We can build your commercial or residential retaining wall using wood plank, keystone block, cinder block or rock. We can use textured block or color block, and large timbers as well. We also offer decorative landscape retaining walls out of railroad ties and bridge ties. Finally we build retaining walls that have fences on top, 

Tiered Retaining Wall with Vinyl Fencing in West Olympia. Tiered retaining wall with This massive, 4-tier retaining wall includes an integrated stairway, landscaping and a paver patio above the top tier. AJB Services built this retaining wall and wood fence to divide a panhandle lot from the original home and front parcel.

What's the best way to build a 2-foot-high fence on top of an existing cement-block retaining wall? I was thinking of using joist hangers to Then soak the ends of the posts in a water-repellent wood preservative — you won't get another chance to do this once the posts are set. The anchors will be ¾-inch threaded rods, 

Building a wood retaining wall can keep your topsoil from washing away down a slope, and it can be turned into a terraced garden for planting anything from Smooth out the concrete so that it is level with the top of each hole, brace the posts with 2 by 4 inch(5 by 10 centimeter) boards and allow the cement to cure for at 

Shown: Across the yard is a board and batten fence with a trellis top. On the right is another angle of the vertical privacy fence. Photo of a small contemporary partial sun backyard stone vegetable garden landscape in San Francisco for summer. love the color/stain and the mix of trellis and privacy fence - sancheztpatti.

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Jacksons Timber retaining wall (Jakwall) is a highly unusual grooved, brick wall effect landscape timber system. effect front is more suitable for creating a retaining wall or fence by building single timbers up on top of each other to create any height wall/fence that you require. Type-17-Wood-Screw-Hex-Washer-AF-8mm 

Fences can be placed at the top of a Keystone wall with fence posts placed either into the Keystone units or behind the. Keystone If fence posts will be placed into the Keystone units, the Standard Keystone Unit must be position is recommended for retaining walls constructed using the Compac Keystone Unit.

replacement or modification of an existing fence or retaining wall per City of Mesa Design Guidelines. Chapter 14 at constructed of durable wood, chain link, metal, masonry, or other standard fencing materials. . the top of an otherwise lawful fence enclosing a municipal, institutional, or commercial use.

We have an existing concrete retaining wall on which we would like to install a wooden fence. We'd be using 4x4 PT posts about 5' tall. The wall would be free standing and be about 25' long. Would the Titan Post anchors be a good choice for this type of installation? We can get some good winds in Victoria and my concern 

Fences and railings are a common sight around retaining walls. At Allan By installing a fence or railing above the wall you are adding a requirement for the wall to withstand the additional over- turning force in the top courses when somebody or something is pushing on the railing. If the wall has wooden posts are used.

But will it look good? Probably not at least, not over time. Wood is flexible, gets wet, gets sun damaged, and the posts supporting it will suffer the same fate. If you don't care about looks, then it's probably OK, but if you want it to look OK over time, I'd suggest you consider retaining wall blocks or the like.

In the case of a retaining wall that faces the exterior of the property on which it is located, an open fence up to three feet in height may be built directly on top of the Fences and walls located in front yards shall be decorative and made of durable materials, including masonry, wood pickets, tubular metal or other materials, 

When you contemplate how to build a retaining wall, you may imagine how firm and solid it'll appear from the front, or how great the new garden will look above it. But unless you D. The sod and topsoil are almost even with the top block, so surface water flows over the top rather than puddling behind. Just below that is 8